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Air Quality Express provide air duct cleaning in Pasadena, TX and surrounding areas.

Important Air Duct Facts

Almost every home or business has air ducts. But few realize just how important they are to the air that you breathe. Air ducts are simply the conduits through which the HVAC air conditioning unit transmits hot or cold air. If left uncleaned,  they can also be sources of allergens, irritants, mold, and fungi which then begin to circulate throughout your home or office. Constant exposure to these pollutants can lead to chronic health issues, such as asthma, heart disease, and even brain damage. According to the CDC mold can cause many health effects. Dirty air ducts can also cause bad odors in the home.

Additionally, dirty air ducts cause the AC unit to work extra hard. This, in turn, ramps up your energy costs. Cleaning your air duct, therefore, has additional benefits of lowering your overall energy bill.

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Air Duct Cleaning Services in Pasadena

Pasadena is a large suburb located large in the Southeastern position of Houston, TX. According to the most recent census, the city had close to 150,000. It is considered one of the most highly sought-after neighborhoods in South Texas. Air Quality Express has been servicing Pasadena customers.

It is generally accepted that AC filters should be replaced regularly. While this in itself is commendable, it is only the beginning. In order to experience pristine indoor air quality, the actual air ducts should be cleaned. Why is this important? Read on. If you can’t remember when you last cleaned your air ducts, then it’s time to call Air Quality Express.

Some companies provide a simple, surface level cleaning that looks aesthetically pleasing, but has little tangible benefits. Air Quality Express has a thorough air duct cleaning and maintenance process that can improve your overall air quality in various ways, including allergen removal, improved airflow, and better home hygiene

Why is it important to clean your air ducts?

Why does your home require a professional air duct cleaning? Here’s some ways you will benefit from our services, and why you should not attempt to clean your air duct yourself.

Indoor Air Quality Testing in Houston

Removal of contaminants in air duct

Like the rest of Houston, Pasadena suffers from high humidity. This type of environment is perfect for dust, dirt, bacteria, mold and other contaminants to thrive in your air ducts. These are then disseminated throughout the home by the HVAC unit. If inhaled, these particles can cause health complications including respiratory issues. Air Quality Express uses the  best technology and leverages our vast experience to totally eradicate all the contaminants in your air duct.

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Lower energy cost and boost air quality

Because most homes’ air ducts are improperly installed, this can cause your AC unit to work extra hard to compensate. This can cause high energy bills in addition to poor air quality. Cleaning your air ducts will result in better air flow and lower energy 

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Improved Office/Home Hygiene

We all want healthy environments especially in this age of COVID-19. You can start by cleaning your air ducts. This will ensure better indoor air quality, which in turn translates to better home or office hygiene.

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Licensed professional air duct cleaner

Sometimes, you may be tempted to clean your own air ducts. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is not recommended. For starters, you could easily damage your air ducts resulting in costlier repairs. Secondly, the air duct harbors all types of germs, bacteria, mold, and other allergens and contaminants. Without proper protective gear and equipment, this can be hazardous to your health. In fact, you may end up introducing even more dirt into the home.

Air Duct Cleaning Process

How exactly do we perform air duct cleaning? We believe in complete transparency. We strive to include before and after pictures with every invoice.

Step # 1 – Full Ventilation Inspection

Our technicians begin by accessing the attic and performing a thorough inspection of all the components of your ventilation unit. This includes the air distributor,  the plenum, the ducts, coils, the blower, and the register covers. Depending on the size of the system, this phase may take approx. 15-30 minutes.

Step One – Ventilation System Inspection

All service calls begin with an inspection, and our certified technicians start their inspection from the main ventilation unit in the attic. This starts with the plenum, the air distributor that feeds the rest of the ventilation system, and includes inspection of the ducts, coils, the return air box, the drainline drip pans underneath the coils, the blower, and the register covers. This should take 15-30 minutes, depending on the size of your ventilation system.


Step # 2 – Providing an Estimate and Scheduling

Depending on what the inspection unveils, the technician then provides an estimate for all the necessary services. If the customer accepts, the work can either be performed on the spot or scheduled for a later time.


Step Two – Estimation and Scheduling

Depending on the findings of the inspection, the technician will provide an estimate for necessary services, and can perform the air duct cleaning either on the spot or at a later scheduled time.

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Step # 3 – Cleanup of the Ventilation System

Before beginning the work, the techs have to take apart the ventilation system and its components (plenum, coil, et al). Then a special solution is applied including  pressure washing to rid the parts of microbes.

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Step Three – Initial Ventilation System Cleaning

To begin the cleaning process, our technicians will disassemble each of the aforementioned parts of the ventilation system (plenum, coil, et al) and use special solutions and pressure washing to rid the parts of microbes.

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Step # 4 – Utilizing a High-Suction HEPA Vacuum

Once the tech is satisfied that the surface parts are clean, the next step involves using a truck-mounted HEPA vacuum. This is an industry-class vacuum with a high-suction force for removing excess moisture and any lingering particles. Afterwards a rotor brush is attached to the vacuum to remove particles from the plenum and the register boxes.

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Step Four – HEPA Vacuum Cleaning

Once the surface parts are cleaned, the technician will use a truck-mounted HEPA vacuum to remove any excess water and particles from the main attic unit; a rotor brush is then attached to the vacuum to dislodge particles from the plenum and the register boxes.

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Step # 5 – Final process

The final process involves sanitizing the register covers and sealing any leaks present in the ventilation system. The can typically take  2-3 hours (it can take longer for larger and more  complex systems). Once completed, our system will remind you of maintenance cleaning at regular intervals.

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Step Five – Finishing Touches

Once microbes and mold have been removed from your home, our technicians will sanitize the register covers and seal any leaks in your ventilation system. The process usually takes 2-3 hours, with more complex systems requiring more time. Once completed, our system will remind you of maintenance cleaning at regular intervals.

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Air duct cleaning in Pasadena is important for your overall indoor air quality and health. You can also save money by lowering your energy costs. To schedule an appointment, call us at (832) 781-0105 today!

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Air Quality Express provides professional air duct cleaning services for commercial buildings and residential homes in Pasadena and surrounding areas. Routine air duct cleaning can prevent unhealthy living and working conditions. Furthermore, cleaning air ducts increase HVAC efficiency overall. Speaking of efficiency, the Air Quality Express team offers same-day service. Better yet, we’ll be in and out of your home or business before the day is over.

We Provide Same Day Service

At Air Quality Express, our goal is to complete each job within 4 hours or the same day at most. That is because we want you to experience minimum inconvenience. Don’t hesitate to call us at: 823-781-0105

The Process

We provide a safe and comprehensive air duct cleaning service in Pasadena. We begin by performing thorough inspection work to completely clean your HVAC system from top to bottom. This consists of two primary steps: 

One: We use the Roto-brush to loosen any particle buildup . Then we utilize the truck-mounted HEPA vacuum to effectively remove and cleanse the actual air duct. Once this buildup is no longer stuck to the duct your home or office will experience better air flow. 

Additionally, our process is designed to prevent future unnecessary wear-and-tear to your ductwork. The truck-mounted vacuum transports the dust not only out of your ducts but completely out of your home. So not only are your air ducts clean, but your indoor air will continue to remain clean.

Air Duct Repair

Excellence and high-quality are the hallmarks of Air Quality Express. That is why over the years we have gathered hundreds of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers including from Pasadena. We ensure your indoor air quality is restored to pristine condition and your energy costs are lowered.

If you feel like it’s time to replace your outdated or damaged air duct, our technicians can definitely help replace your system with a newer, more cost-effective one. Our services are just one phone call away.

Installing UV Lights in Pasadena

One of the best ways of ensuring perfect indoor air quality is to install UV lights within your air ducts. This is a preferred method because it allows you maintain your indoor air quality without the use of chemicals. UV lights are widely renowned for killing viruses, germs, and bacteria. Air Quality Express has expertise in installing and maintaining UV lighting in Pasadena. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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