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Katy TX Dryer Vent Cleaning – The Advantages of Regular Cleaning Maintenance


Many homeowners ask “why should I clean my dryer vent?”, not knowing that cleaning is an imperative, and for many people, dryer vent cleaning brings advantages that can help a lot in budgeting, and in keeping homes and commercial spaces safe and healthy to live and work in.

Call a reliable service

There is a bunch of good contractors within Texas and one of the best you can go to is Air Quality Express. They have the required license and insurance, and experience-wise, they have been in business for many years in the area of Texas, so they know the specific issues residents and businesses in the state usually face.


What is dryer vent cleaning?


The lint trap and the pipe where air passes through from your machine is cleaned by vacuuming or brushing, depending on the tool and action required for cleaning.

How frequent should dryer vent cleaning be done?

Different people have different time frame or time schedules for cleaning their dryers and dryer vents, but they particularly have the same recommendation – cleaning dryer vents should be done as frequently as possible.

Reasons cited for frequent cleaning include:

  • Lint buildup on the lint trap can occur in a short period of time, depending on how frequent the dryer is used and the kind of cloth material.
  • Frequent cleaning of the lint trap on the dryer can be easily done on a regular basis, or perhaps, during the weekends when you are not that busy.

However, beyond the machine, dust and lint accumulation can take place within the duct extending to the exterior of the house where the vent flapper for the dryer is located, and no matter how religiously you do cleaning on the machine, small lint particles go through the trap and accumulate somewhere within the duct.

If you are not sure where this duct is piercing through the wall or below the roof just above the ceiling, call a technician.


Benefits of Regular Cleaning


There are many advantages for homeowners when they start cleaning their dryer vents, including:

  • Money savings – It has been shown that consumers can cut as much as 5% off their monthly power bills with regular cleaning of their dryers and dryer vents.

If you opt for a professional service, consider an HVAC inspection and maintenance as well, which all can be done in a single deal. You may lower the charge with this approach, and have significant total reduction in power consumption.

  • Fire safety – It has been shown as well that many house fire incidents stem from dirty dryers. Lint buildup causes dryers to overheat and consequently cause fire.

When do you need a quick inspection?


You might miss cleaning schedules from time to time. That’s alright, but make sure to act quickly when you see something awry or strange happening, like for example:

  • Burnt smell coming from the laundry area
  • The outside of the machine is hotter than usual
  • The machine has not been performing efficiently in its job and instead, the clothes don’t dry as fast as they used to and/or they feel hotter to the touch than usual.

In any confusion about your dryer usage and things related to your HVAC, the technicians of Air Quality Express are ready to give assistance to check the quality of your air, and safety of your home at any time you need it.

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