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Humble Texas, Dryer Vent Cleaning – Why Is It Important?


Every piece of appliance should receive some kind of periodic maintenance, or – cleaning on a regular basis. For the lint trap that’s in your dryer, the rule for proper maintenance is fairly easy: keep it clean and in good condition.

Also, make sure that there are no holes in the trap. If all these conditions are satisfied, you’re good and your family is not in any danger of a house fire occurring due to a clogged or dirty lint trap.


What is dryer vent cleaning?


The dryer is connected to a wall, through which a small passage for air with moisture passes through. You need to know how long the pipe in it is and the way it courses through the wall and up to the exterior of your house.

This can help you find the right tools to use in case you want to do a DIY for this task, and save money by not hiring a professional.

Dryer vent cleaning is simply the task of cleaning the passage that starts from that part of the wall on the back of your dryer down to the other point of the exhaust where air is flushed out of the house.

Cleaning a dryer vent involves a few steps. The technician would:

  • Remove the lint trap filter and clean it.
  • Clean the housing of the lint trap. You need a vacuum cleaner for this.
  • Disconnect the dryer’s hose from the wall.
  • Vacuum the ductwork.
  • Push the dryer back to its location.

Why is dryer vent cleaning so important?


In a report, the government cited dryer vent or lint trap accumulation as one of the major reasons for house fires. That’s because lint accumulation can cause parts of the machine to get hotter than normal, eventually causing fire.

Even with regular lint trap cleaning, the possibility of accumulation can occur right inside the ductwork because no matter how good the trapping of dust and lint can be in the inside of your dryer, some lint can still go through the trap all the way to the duct and collect themselves there.

Dryer vent cleaning also ensures that the machine does not work harder than necessary, and cause power bill to spike up. If your clothes take longer to dry, it’s a sign that there is something wrong with the machine itself or it is no longer working efficiently due to lint clogging.

Other signs that your appliance is working harder than it should due to vent clog include:

  • Clothes feel hotter than usual. – Check the outside of the dryer. If it is hotter than usual, cleaning the lint and the ductwork might correct the issue.
  • Low exhaust velocity, indicated by the exterior vent exhaust flapper not opening much or like it used to.
  • Burnt smell present in the laundry area.
  • The laundry room feels more humid than normal.

If you’re doing a DIY, prepare the following tools:

  • Dryer vent brush kit
  • Vacuum (one that has a long hose attachment is preferable)
  • Screwdrivers

In case you are not prepared for the job, or you don’t feel confident doing it on your own, you can call Air Quality Express for quick help.

For Humble residents and business establishments in the state of Texas, Air Quality Express is one good solution for a reliable and easy-on-the-budget solution.

These are experienced people who know their job well. They will clean your dryer up and perhaps, give you additional minor HVAC services without an additional service charge.


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