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Houston TX Dryer Vent Cleaning – Why Do You Need Cleaning Now?


Air Quality Express is a reliable dryer and HVAC contractor serving communities and businesses in the state of Texas. If you have any questions about your dryer machine, or your HVAC system, these people can easily be reached for assistance.

According to Air Quality Express, homeowners are mostly unaware of the benefits that dry vent cleaning brings, and why it is really necessary to perform regular cleaning on the dryer, its vent, and the ductwork that the dryer is connected to.

What is dryer vent cleaning?


This is a cleaning process where you free the lint trap of the dryer of dusts, lint and other particles that have been trapped there.

The technician, after the inside of the machine has been cleaned, will proceed to disconnect the hose attached to the wall leading to the ductwork that leads to the exterior of the house.

If you have the right tools, such as a vacuum cleaner with a hose that can be poked through the hole in the wall right to the end of the ductwork, and duct brushes, you can do a DIY for the task.

After cleaning, the machine’s hose will be attached back and the machine pushed to its original location.

The three main steps for cleaning:

  • Disconnect the machine’s hose from the wall.
  • Clean the lint trap in the machine.
  • Clean the ductwork using a vacuum cleaner and duct brushes.

Benefits of dryer vent cleaning


Cleaning the dryer vent and the ductwork may cause you to spend not less than a hundred dollars, and if you want additional services that can be simultaneously performed on your HVAC system, the contractor might charge you up to $500.

But not to worry, there are huge benefits you can get:

  • First, cleaning the vent will make your place a lot safer to live in. A lot of house fires that occur in the United States are caused by unclean or clogged lint traps and conduits.
  • Next is the money consideration. Although you will pay quite a sum of money for this service, you stand to benefit from the reduction in your energy bills, placed at about 10% of the usual monthly payments.

That is because your dryer will work more efficiently after cleaning. Moreover, this can help lengthen your machine’s life and service, making you avoid spending money for a new unit any time soon.

  • And because your machine is working more efficiently, humidity is controlled in your laundry area, making the air there healthy for breathing and the environment less susceptible to mold formation.

When do you need a service done fast?

Signs that you need an immediate cleaning service include:

  • Inability of the dryer to dry clothes in the first cycle
  • The machine is putting off more heat than usual
  • The air is a lot more humid than usual
  • The outside parts of the machine feel hotter than usual, and when you check on the clothes, they also feel unusually hotter to the touch.

More questions

This post isn’t complete. If you have questions on how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged, or how long it takes to clean a dryer vent, call a contractor near you.  They will gladly accommodate your questions.

For residents of Houston TX and surrounding areas such as Pasadena and Katy, Air Quality Express is on standby 24/7 to answer inquiries, attend to emergencies, and conduct inspection at your convenient time.


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