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Are you wondering about the cost of having dryer vent cleaning services done by a pro? If you live in and around Texas, including the unincorporated community in Harris Country, Cypress, you can get in touch with Air Quality Express to get an estimate.

Cypress used to be a rural area, but is now known as one of the biggest suburban communities in Houston. This transformation brought a lot of changes, including the number of people that utilize the clothes dryer.


The Usual Problems with Dryer Vents in Cypress


Here are the common problems dealt with by Air Quality Express when it comes to cleaning dryer vents:

  1. Fully clogged vent

This is caused by the lack of maintenance and allowing the dryer vent to accumulate a buildup of debris, dirt, and lint. This may also be due to obstructions, which include rat dwelling, birds’ nest, and dryer sheets.

  1. Birds nest

The people from Air Quality Express have knowledge about removing wildlife from a dryer vent if needed. Make sure that the ends of the vent are covered and sealed to prevent the proliferation of animals, insects, pests, and big debris.

  1. Condensation

You can resolve this problem by investing in a vent flap or having the vent installed through a window.

  1. Broken plastic hose or ducts

Replace broken or disconnected materials with new and sturdy ones.

  1. Wet lint

Use a dryer cleaning brush kit or let the pro clean the lint screen of your dryer.

After the assessment of the problem, you will be given a quote on how much the task of cleaning your dryer vent will cost. The more issues the appliance has, the higher the cost will be. Final costing also includes the labor that you can discuss with your technician upon meeting.

Having your dryer vent serviced by a pro is a form of investment. It will save you money in the long run from higher electricity or energy bills you incur from running a defective appliance. Your clothes dryer will also last longer despite frequent usage. It is also necessary to protect your home from catching accidental fire from overheating vent due to clogging.


Cypress Residents Frequently Asked Questions about Dryer Vent Cleaning


  1. When do you clean your dryer vent?

For maintenance purposes, regularly clean the vent in between the scheduled services of your hired professionals. The U.S. Fire Administration suggests that clothes dryer owners have their dryer vents cleaned at least once a year. Have it cleaned more than once per year if you are using your dryer more often than usual. This will ensure the general safety of the dryer while in use.

  1. How do you clean the lint trap of the dryer?

In many dryer models, you can easily pull out the lint trap and have it cleaned.

  1. How do you get rid of the dryer’s foul smell?

It depends on the cause of the smell. Your technician will quickly detect the problem by looking at the unit. There are instances when the foul smell is caused by accumulated damp lint. The technician will remove the lint using a vacuum hose attachment or rotating brush. Other causes of foul smell can be resolved through the use of disinfectant fog.

Air Quality Express offers environmental-friendly cleaning solutions in lieu of harmful chemicals that may cause damages to the unit and its users’ health.


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