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Regular dryer vent cleaning is crucial no matter where you are. While you can do the process on your own, it takes practice and familiarization with the parts of the dryer. For those who live around the Greater Houston Area in Texas, including the city of Conroe, you can rely on the services of Air Quality Express for efficient labor.


dryer vent cleaning in Conroe

Known as the seat of Montgomery County, Conroe is recognized as a major city in Houston. In 2018, it was listed as the fastest-growing US large city by the Census Bureau. With its growing population, the number of people owning and using clothes dryers in the area has also experienced a significant boost.

Keeping dryer vents clean is essential to prolong the lifespan of the appliance, and reduce its risk of catching fire. Aside from getting a professional’s dryer vent cleaning services, you should also learn the basics of how to maintain the appliance and minimize the dirt that accumulates in the vent.
Conroe Lists Top Mistakes to Avoid in Cleaning Dryer Vents
While you can handle the maintenance of the hygiene of your dryer vent, always keep in mind to do things right. Remember the following mistakes you need to avoid in getting the task done:

  1. Not having the right tools or using the wrong ones
You can find cleaning kits designed for dryer vents at physical or online stores. Look for the types with complete attachments and can do the task properly. You have to find a suitable attachment for your vacuum that can suck out tiny lint fibers that linger on the duct walls.

  1. Cleaning the unit while it’s plugged
This safety measure goes with any electrical appliance and units that utilize other energy sources. Unplug the appliance first from its power or energy source before you remove its parts and start cleaning.

  1. Overlooking other damages in the duct
There are times when the dirt is not the problem in a malfunctioning dryer vent. When you clean the duct, look out for other issues, such as tears or cracks. Patch the problem areas before attaching all parts of the appliance and putting it back in place.

  1. Using a duct tape in reattaching the duct
Use aluminum tape in reattaching the duct because it can withstand the heat of the dryer. Duct tape was not made for this purpose since it can disintegrate when the appliance is in use due to the heat it emits.

  1. Neglecting the moisture sensors
Clean the moisture sensors each time you clean the dryer vent. It will boost the appliance’s performance and make it easier for the dryer to function efficiently. The sensor is found below the door of the dryer. It is a thin metal bar that also accumulates debris, dryer sheet chemicals, and lint.

  1. Placing the vent in a crawlspace or attic
The end of your dryer’s exhaust must be situated outdoors, and you cannot move it anywhere else you please. The design was for safety purposes since the lint that gathers in the vent is flammable. You must focus on cleaning the dryer vent without repositioning its parts as you please.

You will eventually get the hang of maintaining your dryer vent clean in between your scheduled services with Air Quality Express. The practice will keep the appliance in good condition and minimize the risk of its vent catching fire.

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