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No matter where you live in Texas, you’ll find a good company that can handle indoor air quality concerns, including dryer vent cleaning. Air Quality Express, based in Houston, offers its services in and around the Greater Houston Area, including the City of Clear Lake.

Most of the communities and nearby areas in Clear Lake City are home to engineers brought about by the industries that thrive in the area. Despite the advent, many of its residential and commercial units utilize clothes dryer for ease and efficiency.

If you are among the many owners of a clothes dryers in Clear Lake City, always remember to have your appliance regularly checked for vent cleaning. The process can be done once a year, but you have to schedule more often than that if you use the appliance more than two times in a week.

Why is it necessary to have your dryer vents checked and cleaned? These vents accumulate dirt that may lead to clogging. This may cause the unit to overheat, which may snowball into a bigger problem – the unit getting damaged beyond repair or worse, a fire breakout.

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You can also limit the amount of dirt buildup in the dryer vent by doing the following in between your schedules with a professional vent cleaner:

  1. If the weather permits and you have the time, hang heavy bedding, clothes, carpets, or pillows outside to line dry under the sun.
  2. Always check the dryer’s lint trap. Manually remove lint and dirt trapped in and around the area. You can also use a vacuum to clean the inner part of the dryer when it is not in use. Use the vacuum in clearing dirt around and outside the vents as well.
  3. Carefully remove the dryer’s back part every once in a while and use a vacuum to remove dirt and lint trapped inside. To get this done, familiarize yourself first with the parts of the appliance, how to disengage certain parts, and put them back. Always disconnect or unplug the unit from its power/energy source before performing this step.
  4. Ensure that the ventilation cap is always attached to the opening found outside. The cap makes it easier for the debris to fall out and it also prevents insects from coming in and the birds from nesting inside the vent.

The ease of cleaning and maintaining a dryer vent depends on the type of dryer you own. Do lots of research first if you are unsure of the steps, or you haven’t tried cleaning the unit before.

To be sure of the quality of the work done, it is best to hand the job to a pro like the Air Quality Express. Its more than 10 years in the industry is proof about the company’s commitment to providing clean air quality to every home.

The people from Air Quality Express use efficient tools and environment-friendly cleaning materials in removing dirt and keeping your dryer vent in tiptop shape. They brush out the dirt in the ventilation pipe to prevent clogging, and allow air to continuously flow when the appliance is in use.

This way, you will be assured that the appliance will not overheat or catch fire. Regular cleaning services will also prolong the life of your clothes dryer, allowing you to save money you will otherwise use to buy a new one.

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