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Does Air Duct Cleaning Deliver Results?

Find Out Why Air Duct Cleaning Delivers Results

There is no doubt that air ducts have debris that goes through them when they are in heavy use. The question is whether or not they need to be cleaned like other things in a home. Some homeowners wonder if there is a real need in having their air ducts cleaned. Therefore, the question becomes “does air duct cleaning deliver real results?”

Facts About Having The Air Ducts Cleaned

It is estimated by some that as many as 20% of those who have allergies have attacks brought on by fungi and bacteria that is in the air duct system. The American EPA says that the quality of the indoor air is one of the top risks to public health that Americans have in the environment. Children are often quicker to experience negative effects when breathing in polluted air. Dirt and dust throughout an HVAC system are one of the main causes of a system failure. A relatively small home can collect 20 to 30 lbs of dust each year.

When it comes to the question, does air duct cleaning deliver real results, the answer is yes. In addition, it’s of great value to have this service performed regularly. As well as providing cleaner air indoors, it can also extend the life of the HVAC system. In addition, it can help it run more efficiently, and both of these things help save a homeowner money. Because you will use air ducts over many years, it will be necessary to clean them regularly.

How Often Do The Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

There are a number of things homeowners can look for to determine if they need air duct cleaning. If there are pets in the home and they shed a lot, then this is something that will surely get in the ducts. As a result, it can build up over time. When a home has had some remodeling work done or renovations made, then this creates a lot of dust indoors which accumulates in the air ducts.

If anyone in the home smokes, then that can get trapped in these areas and a build-up can occur. If a homeowner notices any visible mold, then the air ducts need immediate attention. Even if you don’t see mold but there is moisture in the home, then there’s the risk of mold developing. If the home has an infestation of insects or rodents that have been spotted, then it’s almost certain that they have gotten into the air ducts and this needs to be addressed.

Anytime a homeowner notices dust coming through the vents, then it is a clear indication that there’s the build-up that needs to be cleaned out. If a family member begins having regularly occurring asthmatic or allergy attacks, then it could be, in part, because of a buildup in the air ducts. When you do not clean out a buildup from the air ducts, then it can spread allergens throughout the home.

Additional Signs That The Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned

In addition to the above, additional signs are when there is water damage that is around the air ducts. If air is not freely flowing then this too can mean that things are clogged up. As a result, it can prevent the air from freely moving through the vents. If there are any cobwebs in or around the air ducts, then this is a sure sign that there’s build-up.

Does Air Duct Cleaning Deliver Real Value?

During the times of the year when the heating and cooling system are active the most, air ducts will accumulate dust, debris, and a number of other things. These things can wreak havoc on allergies and stimulate asthmatic attacks. There is also the issue of mold and mildew developing if you do not clean the air ducts regularly. Mold is hazardous to anyone’s health.

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