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Disinfecting & Sterilizing Service

If your home or office has been contaminated with fungus, virus, bacteria, or mold then please give us a call immediate disinfection 832 781-0105 .  Air Quality Express Is a NADCA Certified company with years of disinfection experience. 

Antimicrobial Disinfection Services in the Houston Area

Potentially infectious microbes surround us on a daily basis. The average person coughs ten times a day, and sneezes roughly four times a day. Bathroom habits, handling of raw meat, exposure to the outdoors, pet hygiene, and endless other possible sources of microbe proliferation can impact your home.

And maybe you’re adept at frequent handwashing and other hygienic standards. Can you be sure that everyone else in your home or business, whether as a resident or as a guest, is as sanitary?

In 2020, all anybody talks about is the terrifying coronavirus epidemic. And when government agencies at every level and health organizations both local and international regularly profess the importance of basic hygienic standards, we reach an unfortunate reality: the average person in Houston is simply not always as sanitary as they should be.

Now more than ever, the cleanliness of your home is paramount; and if someone in your home has been sick, whether with the flu or COVID-19, there’s no telling what rooms or surfaces might be contaminated by airborne pathogens. 

Contact Air Quality Express at 832 781-0105 or on the web at https://www.airqualitytech.com/contact and let us begin the inspection and testing process.


What Does Antimicrobial Mean

“Antimicrobial” is a broad term that encompasses any microorganism that may lead to illness, disease, or decay in your home. Thus, when we talk about antimicrobial disinfection services, we’re providing services that deal with a broad, thorough spectrum of possible pathogens – bacteria, fungus, parasites – and yes, our disinfection services are even antiviral.

How Do I Disinfect My Home?

While the COVID-19 epidemic is a recent occurrence, Air Quality Express has been performing home disinfection services for over ten years – and the process for antiviral disinfection is nearly identical to the procedures we already follow for other kinds of home disinfection.


That being said, if you managed to stock up on bleach and lysol spray before all the grocery stores ran out, you might think you don’t need professional disinfection services. And if you feel confident that you can expertly reach and scrub every potentially contaminated surface in your home, you might be right. 


On the other hand, if you suspect your home has experienced viral exposure and you’d like peace of mind for ensuring the sanitation of your family, you should trust the antiviral disinfection experts at Air Quality Express

Cleaning Procedures for Disinfection

As scary as the recent coronavirus outbreak is, the cleaning process for disinfecting your home is less complex than mold removal, though no less thorough. This is because mold contamination can cause structural damage to materials, while residual bacterial and viral contamination do not penetrate the surface of building materials.

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What does mold inspection involve?

A professional mold inspection begins with a visual inspection of the dwelling. Some photographs may be taken, and a moisture meter may be used to check specific areas.In some instances, if there is the possibility that mold may be present behind a wall, under carpeting, etc., then a small area of these may have to be breached in order to check for its presence. It may then be necessary for the inspector to remove more of the material to find the source of the moisture feeding the infestation.

Proper Safety Equipment for Antimicrobial Disinfection

Much like a serious mold remediation, professional disinfection services require the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Air Quality Express follows the guidelines set by the CDC for PPE for disinfection, including using disposable gloves and gowns during the process and full-face respirators when necessary.

EPA-Approved Antiviral Detergents

Because COVID-19 is a new viral strain, government agencies are still determining the efficacy of chemicals in eradicating the virus from the air and surfaces. However, due to its similarity to other viruses, the EPA has compiled a list of various products with emerging viral pathogens claims, including commercial detergents from companies like Ecolab Inc, Stepan Company, and W.M. Barr & Company Inc.

Scrubbing Contaminated Surfaces

Using these EPA-approved detergents, we scrub every potentially contaminated surface aggressively, and rinse and repeat. We also use equipment that can spray these detergents into out-of-reach nooks and crannies.

Proper Disposal

Once your home is properly disinfected, we remove gloves, gowns, and disposable wipes, and double bag them in EPA-approved trash bags. Upon disinfection of the outside of these bags, they can be taken out with your regular trash disposal.

Hand Hygiene

And of course, at every appropriate interval, our disinfection technicians wash their hands with antimicrobial soap and water for at least twenty seconds, including every time gloves are removed.

Air Quality Express – Your Home Disinfection Professionals

In these uncertain times, it’s important to give you and your family peace of mind in every way possible. Having experienced Houston disinfection professionals like Air Quality Express just a phone call away could mean the difference between a two-week movie marathon and a real, forced quarantine – give us a call at (832) 781-0105 and schedule our home disinfection services today.

Air Quality Express, 832 781-0105, is NADCA – Certified, fully licensed, and trained to provide you with comprehensive inspection and mold testing services. Our fully trained staff of professionals will inspect your home or office for its presence and determine the types and levels present, and provide all necessary services at affordable prices should an infestation be discovered. Contact us at 832 781-0105 with any questions you may have or fill out the information form online at https://www.airqualitytech.com/ to schedule an appointment right away.