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Air Quality Express – The Best Choice for Your Mold Removal and Remediation Project

Air Quality Express is one of the top Cypress mold removal and remediation companies which offers all services related to mold remediation including inspection, testing, air sampling, and removal. Call us and our mold remediation experts will be there instantly to evaluate the damage to your building and take the essential steps to fix it. At Air Quality Express, we promise the highest available standards for your home.

Professional Service is Inevitable for Mold Removal

Mold is likely to spread in dark and hidden places including basements, under the sink, filing cabinets, on or under the floor mats, carpets and upholstery, wallpaper, attic, air-conditioners etc. This toxic growth may cause severe health problems to your family members unless it is removed properly. You may be tempted to deal with the issue yourself. However, it is not recommended as it can be ineffective as well as dangerous. There is a good chance for mold to reappear if it is not removed properly. So the assistance of a professional is extremely important for this tedious task.

Never allow mold damage your property or cause health issues to your family members. Get in touch with our professionals today itself.

If there is mold in your home, it should be removed immediately because it can spread rapidly. At Air Quality Express, we have a team of experts, specialized cleaners and all the tools required to deal with mold remediation. Let’s identify severity of the situation and address it right away.

What to Expect from Air Quality Express’s Mold Removal Service

Of course, mold removal and damage repair is a lengthy, complex process. You should therefore keep in mind several factors regarding the mold removal process, including:

mold remediation

mold remediation

Home Owners Insurance May Cover Mold Removal

Based on the extent of damage, and equipment and labor cost, we will give you a quote for mold remediation. Don’t think that it is steep. Surely, it won’t be as costly as chronic health problems or structural failure. Another good thing is that the mold damage may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. You can check it with your insurance company.

You May Not Need Professional Service for Light Mold Proliferation

If mold inspection shows only small spots of mold proliferation, you may clean it yourself. Our experts will give you sufficient advice on cleaning if mold growth is less than 10 sq. ft. Use our service if the mold damage is widespread.

Hire Only a Licensed Contractor

Mold remediation professionals should have extensive knowledge towards the hazards of exposure to mold. Additionally, they must be aware of all proper mold handling and removal procedures. So, always choose a company that is licensed to handle mold removal jobs.

Mold Removal Process

The first step is to understand the importance of hiring a professional mold remediation company for safely removing the mold present in your building. Then comes knowing the steps involved in mold cleanup. The procedure includes:

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mold removal houston
water damage restoration
  • Wearing Correct Proper Protective Gear

Mold spores are toxic and could cause serious health problems. Additionally, the chemicals used for cleaning also may be hazardous. Our technicians always use vinyl or neoprene gloves and N-95 respirators while dealing with mold. If the job is extensive, they also wear a protective suit.

  • Fix Water Leak

Our technicians locate the source of water leak fix it right away, and then dry the contaminated area completely.

  • Isolating the Area

Proper containment procedure is necessary to stop mold spores from scattering further during the mold removal process. We close all the ways and windows connecting the affected area and other rooms of your home. Additionally, the doorways and all other openings will be sealed off using 6 mil plastic sheeting and duct tape.

  • Suppressing Dust

Work practices that generate excessive dust can be dangerous. To avoid mold spores to be released into the air, proper dust suppression methods should be used during remediation work. We use standard dust suppression techniques, such as misting surfaces with a detergent or dilute soap before mold removal, and using High‐Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum at dust generation point.

  • Removing Contaminated Porous Materials Safely and Legally

Porous materials in your building, such as drywall, carpet or insulation, may be damaged due to mold exposure. We will remove all those materials. They will be discarded in 6 mil plastic bags. These bags are taken out via usual trash disposal after wiping down with a detergent..

  • Cleaning the Mold-contaminated Area

After cleaning up the damaged porous materials, the surfaces in the affected area are fully sanitized by our technicians. The surfaces are thoroughly scrubbed with wire brushes and cleaned using a proper detergent and damp rags. If there is extensive contamination, our technicians will clean the surfaces with HEPA vacuum.

  • Drying Surfaces in the Affected Area Rapidly

After cleaning with detergent, the wet areas should be dried rapidly. Our technicians use dehumidifiers and fans in the affected area for speeding up the process.

  • Replacing Removed Materials

The final step is to replace the discarded porous materials. In case the replacement is beyond the expertise of Air Quality Express, we are happy to recommend a trustworthy contractor for that job.

Contact Air Quality Express When Mold Threatens Your Family

Mold remediation is a complex task which requires the service of skilled professionals. By hiring a top mold remediation company, you can ensure that the affected areas in your home will get the best available treatment. When there is a team of experts who use hi-tech tools to locate the contaminated areas, eliminate the mold, and restore the damage caused by mold, there is no need to be concerned.

When your building is affected by mold, get it back to normal with the help our experienced professionals. Our licensed technicians are armed with all the latest equipment. They will eliminate the mold completely and restore the affected areas.

Call Our Mold Handling Experts Today

We have over 10 years of experience in mold remediation service. Our certified mold remediation technicians have the training as well as experience to get rid of mold, prevent it from coming back and take necessary actions to return your building to its prior condition.

Contact Air Quality Express now to know more about our services. Call us today at (832) 781-0105 and schedule an appointment for mold inspection or removal in the Cypress area.

Air Quality Express – The Best Cypress Mold Remediation Service

Mold and mildew are likely to be the deadliest contaminant present in your home. It can totally ruin the indoor air quality. Additionally, mold growth could result in serious health problems to your family members. We will eliminate mold present in your home first and then take proper steps to prevent it from reappearing in the future.

Air Quality Express offers high quality mold remediation service to ensure that your building is safe and clean in Cypress and nearby areas.

Indoor Air Quality Test

Generally, mold growth is found in dark and invisible areas of your home. Therefore, you should not assume that mold is not present in your house just because you don’t see it.

The amount of mold spores in the air of your home can be determined using air sampling. In air sampling, air samples taken from your home are examined thoroughly under a microscope.

Though the mold problem can be identified using air tests, the amount of spores in the air may change substantially over time, giving changing results at various times.

Mold Removal

Mold can significantly pollute your indoor environment and make your home an unsafe place to live. We inspect all areas in your home where mold could be present, including:

  • Behind the refrigerator;
  • Under the stacks of newspapers;
  • Below sinks;
  • Behind the drywalls;
  • In HVAC ducts;
  • Behind the wallboard;
  • Around leaking or condensing pipes
  • Rear side of acoustic ceiling tiles;
  • Under carpeting

At Air Quality Express, we have a team of experts who are able to remove all forms of mold, including the spores floating in the air. You can call us at any convenient time as we offer round-the-clock service.

Mold Prevention

Mold spores spread rapidly and can’t be easily eradicated. Mold removal is not only hard, but costly to be performed as well. Therefore, it is better to take measures to prevent it from occurring in your home again. 

Air Quality Express is a full-service air quality testing and mold remediation company. We have the equipment to prevent mold growth and experts to advise you on various tips which you can follow for mold prevention. Our extra services include dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Air Quality Express Mold Removal Steps

Seeking Professional Help for Mold Remediation? Contact Air Quality Express

Mold growth could cause severe health problems unless addressed properly. Air Quality Express can test your indoor air for mold and perform everything required to restore your home and make it a safe place for your family.

The mold remediation technicians at Air Quality Express are highly experienced in cleaning and restoring mold-damaged properties. Let them get your building back to normal with their expertise and using the best and latest equipment.

We assure you 24-hour emergency response and top-of-the-line equipment and methods at affordable costs. If you suspect mold presence in your home, call us now at (832) 781-0105 or email us.