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Commercial Restoration & Remediation Services in Houston

If you want to maintain employee morale, boost productivity, and reduce your energy bills while you’re at it, you need to find room for routine commercial restoration services in your budget. Not only can you keep your building clean and fresh; you’ll also save yourself thousands of dollars in costly repairs by having our technicians inspect your building for mold growth, water damage, and air duct damage.
With over ten years of experience performing commercial restoration and remediation services in the Houston area, Air Quality Express provides same-day appointments for various commercial restoration services, including:
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Commercial HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning

When was the last time you had your indoor air quality tested? You may be surprised to find that, according to the EPA, indoor air can contain 2-5 times the contaminants of outdoor air; and if it’s been more than a year since you’ve had your air ducts professionally cleaned, you could be looking at clogs and mold growth. If anyone in your company is prone to allergies or has a respiratory condition like asthma, you may find that a dirty air duct hurts your overall productivity.

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Commercial Mold Remediation

If there’s one thing we know well in the Houston area, it’s how humid the air is. If there’s another, it’s how frequently bad weather can impact buildings. From roof to foundation, all areas of a commercial building are susceptible to mold growth and proliferation - and it only takes 48 hours of unresolved water damage for mold to set in. At Air Quality Express, we take our mold remediation services seriously. That’s why we provide the information you need to know why mold remediation is important, and how to identify potential mold growth in your building.


Commercial Disinfection

Especially these days, we know that bacterial and viral microbes are able to last for a long period of time in the air and on visible surfaces. Air Quality Express offers several commercial disinfection services that identify and eradicate harmful microbes that might be impacting your company’s air quality, and keep these allergens from returning to your building.

UV light installation in HVAC system

UV Light Installation

Do you ever worry that no matter how hard the cleaning services spray and scrub, they just aren’t eradicating germs in your building completely? When you install UV lights in your building, you no longer have to worry about germs and the effect they may have on your employee’s health - when properly maintained, UV lights ensure that your work environment is as sterile as a doctor’s office. This allows you to take a proactive, germicidal approach to your indoor air quality.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Using HEPA vacuums, antimicrobial detergents, and industrial strength air-scrubbing deodorizers, our technicians will leave your carpet looking better than new - and you breathing fresher than ever.

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Your work environment should be as clean as your home – and with appointments available on the weekends, there’s no reason to delay in scheduling commercial restoration and remediation services. Call Air Quality Express at (832) 781-0105 today and take a breath of fresh air!