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Carpet Cleaning and Steaming Services

Most homeowners regularly vacuum their carpet, and might even have a high-powered vacuum to remove even the smallest particles. However, home vacuums are not designed to remove hard-to-see mold under the carpet fibers or animal urine markings. With Air Quality Express’ carpet steaming services, you can maintain your carpet without a costly replacement for years to come.

Improve Air Quality

While you may be able to remove pet dander, hair, and other particulates from your carpet, mold is a trickier microbe to remove. Our technicians will identify the source of any mold growth and use organic disinfectants to end any mold proliferation.

Remove Animal Urine Markings

One of the worst things a pet can do is urinate on the carpet in your home – not only is it disgusting and embarrassing, but once marked, your pet will keep using the same spot as a bathroom. Air Quality Express’ thorough steam cleaning service will return your peace of mind in allowing your pets to stay inside.

Retain Value and Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Carpet replacement is time consuming and extremely costly, and while cleaning your carpet regularly is a good idea, homeowners run the risk of damaging their carpet themselves. Using the services of the professionals at Air Quality Express will guarantee the longevity of your carpet for years to come.

Steam Your Stress Away

Air Quality Express offers many services that can greatly improve your home airflow and help you breathe easier, including dryer vent restoration, air duct cleaning, attic restoration, and more. In the course of conducting these services, our technicians will often recommend a carpet cleaning and steaming as well.

If a high-quality, professional carpet cleaning sounds like it might improve your home hygiene, give Air Quality Express a call today (832) 781-0105.

Air Quality Express provide carpet and steaming cleaning service in Houston, TX and surrounding areas to improve the condition of your carpet.

We all know how difficult it can be to get stains, dust, or certain smells out of a carpet. In their attempts to remove stains and dirt on their own, many property-owners have caused even worse damage to their rugs or carpet. Despite the rise in popularity of take-home steam cleaners, carpet cleaning is a service best performed by professionals. Air Quality Express has over ten years of experience steaming and cleaning carpet. Contact us today to improve the condition and appearance of your carpet.

Quality Equipment, Quality Service

We use high-efficiency equipment to produce better results, faster. We use truck-mounted HEPA vacuums to ensure thorough cleaning of your carpets. By funneling the dirt and grime out beyond your property limits,we eliminate the chance that the same debris will settle elsewhere in your home or office. This means that you’ll need air quality treatments less frequently than before. Above all, our HEPA vacuums guarantee high-quality cleaning for our clients.

About Our HEPA Vacuums

Our HEPA Vacuums are great for a thorough cleaning and to trap tiny, micron-sized particles. A standard HEPA filter is capable of effectively trapping 99.97 percent airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns. Contact us today to get carpet and steaming cleaning service in Houston,TX and surrounding areas.

At Air Quality Express, we believe that your home or business deserves the absolute best. So our tools and methods eliminate your air quality concerns and leave your home and business fresh and clean. Instead of harmful substances, we use organic solutionsHEPA vacuums, and the industry’s most advanced machinery to safely eliminate lingering toxins without adding any new hazards to the air.

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