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Can flex air ducts be cleaned?

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First, let’s examine what Flex Ducts are.

This refers to the long duct tube that fits more flexibly into a home or office as opposed to the more traditional rigid ductwork that we see in most homes or offices. The exterior of the flex duct is typically metallic but the interior could be fiberglass for energy efficiency. Some buildings have both the flex and rigid ductwork to better handle the building’s ventilation needs. While flex ductwork is easier to install, best practices dictate it should never bend at more than a right angle and also be properly harnessed. Most flex ductwork is installed in the attic or roof and is usually hidden from view.

Can flex ducts be cleaned? What is flex air duct cleaning?

This is a great question. Most people want to know if Air Quality Express cleans Flex Air Ducts. Not every air duct cleaning company has the expertise to clean Flex ducts. This is because they are delicate and require specialized knowledge, equipment and expertise.

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