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Best Air Duct Clean Service – Are you looking for the best air duct clean service in the Houston, TX area? Here at Air Quality Express, we offer thorough cleaning services for air vents that will remove all the containments from your air ducts and leave the metal as shiny as the day it was installed. To find air conditioning duct cleaning, give us a call at 832 781-0105. We can help make your indoor air cleaner so that you experience fewer indoor allergy symptoms.

Air Conditioner Cleaning for Flexible and Rigid Air Ducts

We offer A/C cleaning services for flexible and rigid air ducts. Flexible air ducts look like extremely large slinkys that have been covered in a bendable aluminum. These air ducts are used in tight spaces where the vent must make a lot of bends but still perform great when it comes to moving heated and cooled air throughout your home. The downside is that these ducts tend to contain a lot of ridges that can trap dust, dirt, debris, pollen and other particulate matter, which narrows the diameter of your air duct, restricting air flow. Not to mention, as the heated or cooled air flow through the duct, it can pick up the dust, dirt and debris and send it into your indoor air, which can contribute to indoor allergy symptoms.

Rigid air ducts do not bend. They can be constructed out of stainless steel or aluminum, and in order to get them to turn corners, connectors must be used. While these vents don’t contain the numerous ridges that flexible air ducts contain, they are still prone to collecting filth and moisture, which can contribute to mold contamination in your air ducts.

Thankfully, both flexible and rigid air ducts can be completely cleaned with the right equipment. Here at Air Quality Express, we utilize a vacuum and a skipper ball to remove filth and suck it out of your ducts. The skipper ball loosens all the debris in your air ducts, and the vacuum sucks all the loose particles into a container on our truck.

Flexible and Rigid Dryer Duct Cleaning

In addition to HVAC duct cleaning, we also offer cleaning for dryer vents. Dryer vents can be prone to collecting lint and clothing fibers, which are highly flammable, and if your indoor dryer duct becomes extremely restricted or completely clogged, it can lead to a dryer duct fire. This is because the airflow from your dryer is restricted and created an overheating situation. In order to prevent this, we recommend having your dryer vents cleaned out every six to 12 months.

The cleaning process for dryer vents is very similar to cleaning out your HVAC air ducts. For this process, we use an indoor vent cleaning kit, which contains a brush with flexible tines and a vacuum. We disconnect your air vent and use the brush to loosen all the lint and fibers. Then, we vacuum the vent until it’s as shiny as the day it was installed. By having your indoor dryer vent regularly cleaned at least once a year with our professional dryer vent cleaning kit, you will reduce your risk of experiencing a dryer fire.

Why Our Dryer and HVAC Air Duct Clean Service Is the Best in Houston, TX

Are skilled, experienced and professional HVAC air vent and dryer duct cleaning professionals always take the time to remove every bit of filth in your air ducts and dryer vents. This means we always properly prepare the HVAC ducts to prevent filth from entering the living spaces of your home by blocking all the registers. When it comes to cleaning your dryer vent, we always use a specially designed dryer vent cleaning kit so that we can remove all the filth. Then, we vacuum the lint trap of your dryer and reconnect the vent.

  • We Always Provide a Timely Service.
  • We Listen to All Your Comments, Questions and Concerns.
  • We Offer an Air duct Cleaning Cost that You Can Afford.
  • We Remove Mold on Air Vents.
  • We Guarantee Satisfaction.
  • We Can Often Clean Your Vents and Air Ducts the Same Day You Call.

To improve your indoor air quality and ensure your air ducts are optimized, call us at (832) 781-0105. We will always provide you with the best air duct clean service near you.


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