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A mold infestation, whether in the bathroom, kitchen, basement, or attic, can be challenging. You may decide to DIY (do-it-yourself), but the whole process from the inspection to the removal and remediation might be a daunting task. This is why you need mold remediation specialists in Houston such as airqualitytech.com for the best results. If you decide to DIY, you can be sure the mold will keep on recurring. But hiring a professional is a sure way to guaranteed results and an assurance of non-recurrence. Below are the benefits of hiring a professional mold remediation specialist:

Proper Mold Assessment With DIY remedy, you only take a rag and a broom and sweet off the mold. This is only a temporarily fix. Mold will definitely recur in the future. But with professionals like us, we first identify the root cause by doing a thorough assessment of the cause, type, and level of mold infestation.

Thorough Cleaning – Professionals do a thorough cleaning. After identifying the root cause and the extent of damage, they can choose the best remedy for the removal. They have the knowledge and experience of the best chemicals to use for each type of mold. When using the DIY method, you may not be sure about the chemicals to use and the mixing ratios. A professional will start cleaning up from the source to fully eradicate the mold.

Reduce Spread – Some of the DIY procedures help in spreading the mold further. This is because, during clean up, they forget that spores get into the air and spread into the rest of the house. Professionals are well aware of this fact, and they are very keen on containing the spread of these spores. They will also recommend if further service is required, such as thorough cleaning of the duct

Get Tips to Prevent Future Mold – After a thorough cleaning, a mold professional will give you tips on preventing future mold and securing proper ventilation. They’ll also offer advice on the best chemicals to use in case of future infestation. Besides the use of chemicals, they can also offer advice on how to eradicate mold naturally.

Potential Health Risk Issues – Regardless of the type of mold infestation you are experiencing, it is important to get rid of it. The most important thing is to ensure total removal and eradication. Professionals are well versed with the potential risk posed by each type of mold, and they are in a better position to offer the necessary advice.

Save Money – Everybody is always looking for ways to save a few dollars, especially when it comes to home repairs and home improvement. It may not be economical to purchase mold removing machines and tools as this might be a one time job. Therefore, it is economical to engage a cleaning and restoration company because they have the know-how and the equipment required for the task. Hiring a professional to do the work is cheaper than DIY.

Mold remediation specialists in Houston

Mold Remediation

mold remediation specialist in Houston

Given the health risk posed by mold, it is important that you keep your home in pristine shape by eliminating harmful toxins such as mold, which threaten a healthy atmosphere.

The best way to do this is to contact Air Quality Express. We have been helping Houston residents with mold remediation services for the last 10 years and have accrued excellent reviews in the process. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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Given the health risk posed by mold, it is important that you keep your home in pristine shape by eliminating harmful toxins such as mold, which threaten a healthy atmosphere.

When it comes to mold remediation services in Houston and surrounding areas, Air Quality Express has both the expertise and the experience to ensure your home is clean and safe.

Mold and mildew are among all of the most dangerous contaminants that inhabit many homes. An overgrowth of this fungus can ruin your indoor air quality and cause serious health issues. Air Quality Express offers complete mold remediation services. First, we’ll get rid of the mold in your home or office. Then, we take steps to prevent mold reoccurrence in the future.

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