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Don't Get Scammed by Unlicensed Air Duct Cleaning Vendors

Whenever there is a natural disaster such as a flood, a hurricane, or even a snowstorm, homeowners scramble to hire contractors to fix or reinforce their homes. One of the most sought-after services is air duct cleaning. But this is where things go wrong. There are numerous air duct cleaning ripoffs that take place when unsuspecting homeowners hire contractors without properly vetting them.

Homeowners should acutely beware of unscrupulous air duct cleaning vendors. These vendors often offer too-good-to-be-true deals but do a poor job of cleaning the HVAC system. Homeowners are often coaxed into paying for unneeded and unnecessary services with and/or without their permission.

In many cases, these unsuspecting homeowners are told they have acute mold infestation not to mention other toxic substances burrowed inside their HVAC systems. As they later come to discover, these claims are mostly false. These vendors may also dangle coupons and flyers that advertise rock bottom prices. These mailers usually arrive unsolicited in the mail and when homeowners call the number on the flyer, they can unwittingly set themselves up to be ripped off. In some cases, the scam artists even make unsolicited calls to your house.

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How to avoid being ripped off

Some homeowners believe they can get the same good service even if they pay ridiculously low prices. They also mistakenly believe that all air duct cleaning vendors are the same. But neither of the above is true.

Here is how to avoid being ripped off in an air duct cleaning scams

Demand licensing info

In many cases, these scammers are unlicensed. One of the best ways to avoid these scams is to demand licensing info. Homeowners can also verify licenses and insurance with the local state licensing boards.

Ridiculously low prices/cash upfront

Watch out for vendors who offer prices that way below the market price. Others even offer cash options only with no receipt provided after payment. Also, beware of coupons that are significantly discounted.

Do your due diligence

When you receive a pamphlet, flyer, or coupon in the mail, take some time to do some research. Go online and see what kind of company it is. Is it licensed and insured? What kind of reviews does it have on Yelp/Google? How long has the company been in existence?

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