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Professional Attic Solar Fan Installation in Houston

No matter what you do, you may still find your home hotter than you can stand. Or maybe your HVAC is still working extra hard even with new insulation. With temperatures seemingly rising each year in Houston, you need a lasting solution to maintain your indoor environment. Thankfully, Air Quality Express has a cool solution for you: attic solar fans installation.

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How Do Attic Solar Fans Work?

A fairly new technology, attic solar fans are an ideal replacement for traditional line-powered attic fans. And their method of operation is simple. Because the sun beats down on your roof all day, building codes require homes to have attic ventilation. Unfortunately, passive ventilation in the form of motorized fans does not have the pressure to move air between the indoor and outdoor environments. Attic solar fans pull the air from the outside through the attic and allows it to escape through the attic vents. Thus, you’re able to maintain equal temperature and air pressure between the attic and the outside.
Of course, because the fans are solar powered, the system requires no additional electrical wiring, and rarely requires maintenance or repairs.

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Benefits of Solar Attic Fans

Helps To Reduce Home Energy Consumption 

Did you know that by exchanging hot attic air with fresh cooler outside air from  your home’s soffit vents you can help reduce attic temperatures that can help keep your HVAC system running up to 20% more efficient.

Reduces Heat, Humidity, and Mold 

Hot, humid, non-moving air is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.  By improving your attic ventilation this will help keep the air moving and will also replenish it with cool fresh air that will help reduce unwanted contamination. 

Active Attic Cooling 

Unlike traditional attic fans we use thermostat and humidity sensors that allow our attic fan to only cycle when needed.  The more traditional passive venting cannot be controlled so therefore their effectiveness is reduced. 

It’s possible that you may already have regular attic fans, and you may question the need for solar fans. But in addition to the above benefits there are many other factors make solar attic fans a viable option for attic ventilation, including:

Home Heat Reduction

As the highest room in your house, the attic can be as hot as a furnace in the summer. Depending on the heat index, a home attic can reach temperatures as high as 170 degrees! This extreme heat will cause your HVAC system to work extra hard.
While traditional attic fans attempt to circulate cool air through the space, they lack the necessary pressure to push the stagnant air out of the attic. Solar fans maintain equal air pressure between the attic and the outdoors, dropping that sweltering temperature by as much as 50 degrees.

Decreased Energy Bills

Solar fans decrease your energy bill two ways. First, the significant decrease in attic temperature reduces HVAC inefficiency, meaning it won’t have to work as hard to maintain your home temperature. Second, because the fans are solar powered, you won’t need extra electrical output for your attic fans. Not only is that one less source of electrical usage, but it’s also one less potential fire hazard in your home.

Protection of Home Infrastructure

Most homes have attic fans to begin with, as building codes require them. However, as traditional attic fans only work so well, your roof shingles and inner attic infrastructure can still suffer from heat damage. Thankfully, as solar fans more effectively reduce your attic temperature, they also reduce the wear on your home infrastructure. Similarly, your HVAC will operate more efficiently and require less maintenance.

Minimal Maintenance

Solar fans are made of stainless steel and high-performance silicon polymers. This makes them corrosion- and heat-resistant. And because they are solar powered, they don’t require an electrically powered motor that needs maintenance and upkeep. Due to their high-quality construction, solar fans and vents have extremely long warranties attached to them. Therefore, even if you do require maintenance, the fans require no additional investment once installed.

Federal Tax Credit

The federal government provides tax relief to homeowners who take measures to increase their home’s energy efficiency. In fact, homeowners are eligible for up to a 30% savings on the cost of the solar fan, through the Residential Renewable Tax Credit.

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