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Attic Rodent Sanitization should be a priority for every home. But while the temptation exists to do this yourself, it is highly recommended that you consult with a professional. This is to minimize your exposure to airborne germs, allergens, dust, and mold, which can trigger many adverse health reactions. Air Quality Express has been providing Attic Rodent Sanitization services in Houston and surrounding areas for over 10 years.

Attic Rodent Sanitization is more than just “cleaning your attic”. That’s because Rodents travel a lot and can get to numerous locations within your roof, and attic. According to the CDC, rodents have been linked to over 35 different types of diseases. These include harmful pathogens, bacteria, and other contaminants. These can also significantly reduce your home’s air quality. 

If you need urgent attic rodent sanitization, call Air Quality Express. For the last 10 years, we have been providing Houston residents with professional attic sanitization services. Our techs have the best equipment, and gear, and will get the job done safely and responsibly.

The attic is the perfect place for pests, and rodents because it’s isolated, humid, and dark. That is why crawl spaces, attics, and other storage areas should never be neglected. They can damage electrical wires, and get into insulation, eventually necessitating costly repairs. This is all in addition to the potentially dangerous contaminants they carry.  If you need attic sanitization in Houston, contact us at your earliest convenience.

Attic Sanitizing Infestations

Keeping your attic clean and sanitized is one of the best gifts you can give to your household. On the other hand, neglecting to keep your attics clean can have negative effects over time. For one, the accumulation of rodent waste could damage wood and drywall. Additionally, you can run into mold infestation problems. These problems can only worsen over time necessitating costly repairs. Air Quality Express is here to help sanitize your attic thus eliminating these issues once and for all. We can also help prevent future infestations. Our professional procedures decrease the risk to your family and the integrity of your home. The odor can also build up and become toxic to the point where the air is unbearable to breathe in. Even more, the odor from a dirty attic could be an embarrassing aspect of your home, preventing you from hosting social events in your own home. To prevent this and other problems that come from unsanitary attics, contact Air Quality Express your trusted air duct cleaning company in Houston.

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Attics play an integral part in the functionality of your home. As you have read, if your attic is not adequately cleaned, sealed, and insulated, it can invite pestilence! So, if your attic is being neglected, contact Air Quality Express. We will provide professional, quality service that will address any existing issues and prevent any future problems from occurring. Have peace of mind knowing that an integral pillar of your home is safe and secure after receiving our services.

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