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Sanitizing your attic is quite different than merely giving it a necessary cleaning. It takes more work than you may think. Attic sanitation is one of the aspects Air Quality Express excels in. Due to our experience in remediation, we recommend you stay away from DIY cleanups. Since rodents carry diseases and toxins embedded in their feces, we highly recommend you consider a specialist to do the job. The last thing you want is to catch something because you were trying to do the right thing for your home by cleaning.

Rodents travel and get around to a lot of locations. Therefore, they are exposed to pathogens, bacteria, contaminants, and diseases harmful to humans. Coming into contact with excrement from these pests is extremely dangerous. We have the best equipment, safety gear, and expertise to get the job done safely and responsibly.With 10+ years in the industry, Air Quality Express is a true expert in the field. As such, when it comes to deep cleaning and sanitation, we’re an excellent choice for ensuring complete and thorough sanitation. Pests in your crawl spaces, attics, and other storage areas should never be neglected. These pests will eventually cause some type of harm if left unattended for too long. Tearing through electrical wires, getting into insulation, and damaging other aspects of your home will end up costing you tons in the long run. Also, if you take into account how dangerous they are due to contaminants they carry, you should definitely contact us at your earliest convenience.

Sanitizing Infestations

Keeping your attic in clean condition is a great way of protecting your household in a multitude of ways. Neglecting to keep up with your attics cleaning and maintenance will come with negative effects over time. For one, the accumulation of  rodent waste could damage wood and drywall. Additionally, you can run into mold infestation problems. Even more, the problems that come with dirty attics will only accumulate over time. Air Quality Express is here to eliminate and prevent anything in the future that may cause infestations. Our professional procedures decrease the risk to your family and the integrity of your home. The odor can also build up and become toxic to the point where the air is unbearable to breathe in. Even more, the odor from a dirty attic could be an embarrassing aspect of your home, preventing you from hosting social events in your own home. To prevent this and other problems that come from unsanitary attics, contact Air Quality Express.

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Attics play an integral part in the functionality of your home. As you have read, if your attic is not adequately cleaned, sealed, and insulated, it can invite pestilence! So, if your attic is being neglected, contact Air Quality Express. We will provide professional, quality service that will address any existing issues and prevent any future problems from occurring. Have peace of mind knowing that an integral pillar of your home is safe and secure after receiving our services.

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