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Air Quality Express provide attic rodent proofing to make sure your attic is clean and
rodent-free in Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

We know how important it is to meet all applicable Houston codes. That’s why our insulation meets all the right standards. We may use either blown-in or batt insulation,depending on the property. The dimensions of your attic will likely determine which method we utilize. We distribute blown-in insulation in a unified format using a specialized machine. On the other hand, we roll out and install batt insulation by hand. In either case, both methods are cost and time-effective, particularly when our experienced team installs it.

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Steps to Proofing the Attic

Deterring rodents is a necessity for any homeowner. Keep in mind, these pests chew through electrical wires and tamper with insulation in your home, causing multiple issues. It is best to get on top of this issue as soon as possible. The last thing you want is a part of your household not to function properly. If not dealt with immediately, these rodents can cause damages that may require an electrician or home remodeling.

We here at Air Quality Express are available even before things get to that point. Our professionals take preventative measures before a small situation becomes erratic. For instance, a combination of steel wool, caulking, and chicken wire or metal mesh are used to prevent pests from entering problematic spots. Steel wool is stuffed inside of a hole to prevent rodents from entering and biting through the caulk. If none of these solutions do the trick, then we implement a metal screen barrier to prevent entry.Outside influences also contribute to rodent infestation.

If you see a spot where rodents can easily access, you can also take steps in altering the place, preventing them from entering. Trees can also grow to the point where branches hover over your rooftop. It would be a good idea to trim tree branches to limit the ways rodents can enter your home, primarily through your attic. Your attic is probably one of the least visited places in your household since it is typically used for extra storage. Take a peek now and again!

If you think it needs more in-depth inspection, Air Quality Express is here for you!

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Choosing us to provide your household with rodent proofing can prevent further issues down the road. We have over 10 years of experience in the industry, which makes us experts in getting rid of rodents and keeping them away. Selecting us will not only improve your attic but improve the overall health of your home.

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