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You can count on Air Quality Express for effective Rodent Cleaning Services in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas.  Our methods are safe, effective, and environmentally friendly!

For most people, the attic is one of the least-visited places in the entire home. As such, coupled with the warm, humid Houston climate, No matter how clean you keep your house, there’s always a chance a rodent can enter. For example, roof rats, raccoons, and possums are common rodents that can be found in the crawl spaces of your attic. They are attracted to warm areas, and your attic is a prime location for increased temperature due to how heat rises. Summertime tends to be the worst season for this due to the rise in humidity. Poor ventilation in your roof space only increases the chances of these rodents. House mice and rats can live in any space and are mostly found in the attic. Keeping these rodents from infesting your attic space should be your top priority.

Steps to Proofing the Attic

Air Quality Express Handles Your Rodent Cleaning Problem

Rodents and small animals love living near humans. That’s because humans provide them with everything they need to thrive: food, shelter, and warmth. That is why they will stop at nothing to make your attic their home. Since a lot of people barely visit their attic and only use it occasionally for storage, rodents can easily get comfortable and overrun your attic.

The first sign that you may have a rodent infestation is the sounds in your attic. These may include movement and even occasional squeaks. Then as their presence becomes more permanent, they will begin to claw their way through the wood, electrical systems, utilities, and even the HVAC ducts and vents. In the long run, this can have disastrous consequences on the way your utilities function and even the overall air quality of the home or business.

Air Quality Express provides professional attic rodent cleaning at prices you cannot resist. We have been efficiently cleaning our clients’ attic spaces for over 10 years and have garnered an excellent reputation as one of the best in the industry. Our company provides a top-rated service that ensures your attic is clean and rodent-free. No matter how bad your rodent infestation problem is in your attic, we can restore it to its former glory. 

There are no exceptions to our quality service, no matter what type of house we tend to clean. Attics, garages, crawlspaces, and other storage areas take more precaution to clean than you think. If you’re looking to do the job yourself, it is highly recommended to use a professional service instead. Before we even begin cleaning the attic, we ventilate the space for at least thirty minutes to allow fresh air to enter.

Once the ventilation is complete, we get to work. When cleaning, we utilize standard protection since dust masks do not protect against viruses. Wearing rubber, latex, or vinyl gloves to pick up urine, droppings, or nesting materials is a must.

When dealing with the rodent excrement, keep in mind they have most likely been in many locations before entering your house. They can carry any type of potentially harmful pathogens. While there is the temptation to do the cleanup yourself, this job is best left to professionals due to the risks involved.

To disinfect your attic, we use bleach and a water-based solution that eliminates bacteria. Then we let the solution soak to decontaminate the attic and remove any bacterial residue. Our team also keeps all contaminated material upwind and in direct sunlight to neutralize any viruses.

Choose Air Quality

Any number of things can go wrong while cleaning your attic. That’s why Air Quality Express does it for you. Everything that touches or comes into contact with contaminants during cleaning also has to be decontaminated. We have all of the equipment and tools necessary to make your attic spotless and contaminant-free. For over 10 years, our expert team has developed the best attic cleaning methods in Houston.

Are you suffering from rodents infesting your home? Don’t wait until it becomes a bigger problem, get in touch with us now. Air Quality Express is fast and convenient, so you can get back to enjoying your home. Contact us and get your appointment for attic rodent cleaning in Houston,TX and surrounding areas.

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