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Why Does Attic Insulation Matter in Houston?

When people think of the city of Houston, they think of space, oil, and air conditioning, not attic insulation. Nevertheless, there are many reasons Houston area homeowners like you should call an insulation installer. The top of that list is how much it will change the comfort level of your home.

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Attic Insulation Evens Out Houston Temperatures

Adding insulation to the attic may seem counterintuitive, and you may wonder whether it will trap a lot of heat in your home. The truth is, adding attic insulation keeps your home cooler in the Houston summer and warmer in the winter due to the insulation limiting the air transfer through your roof.

On a hot summer day, your HVAC or A/C units work hard to produce cold air. But, without insulation, that cold air transfers through your walls to the outside and leaves you with a hot house. Insulation, especially blown insulation, helps trap that cold air inside.

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Energy Costs and Efficiency

Most people blame an outdated HVAC or A/C unit when their energy bills swing high over summer. While that may also be true, your unit is often running at maximum capacity to compensate for air transfer with the outside. An insulation installer can help you keep that cold air inside.

Adding attic insulation in Houston means your HVAC or A/C unit does not need to work as hard. Consequently, your energy bills should not spike as high during extreme temperature months.

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Soundproofing Your Houston Home

Insulation does more than help with the temperature in your home. It also supplies another layer of soundproofing to make your life more comfortable. Even adding attic insulation to your Houston home can help with this.

Insulation, especially blown in insulation, fills the air gaps within your home. This filling prevents sounds from transferring as well as they would through open air. The attic is an often overlooked area for soundproofing your home, especially since it catches anything above your home.

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Indoor Air Quality with the Right Insulation Installer

Indoor air quality is always a concern, from ducts accumulating dust to the mold that proliferates quickly in Houston. A good insulation installer ensures a solid layer is applied, covering up any small cracks in your home along the way.

Since Houston’s outside air quality is not always the best, attic insulation can help improve the air quality in your home. With fewer particles finding their way inside, you’ll also have less to clean from your ducts and rooms.

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Prevent Moisture Buildup with Blown In Insulation

One of the fantastic benefits of blown in fiberglass insulation is its ability to fill a space prevent air and moisture from getting through. This process prevents the molds Houston is so famous for and that plague many structures from growing due to lack of oxygen and space.

Additionally, the way fiberglass packs itself inhibits mold and mildew growth for years, unlike many conventional treatments. With sprays, you have to reapply them every year, sometime multiple times per year. Mold sprays also cannot reach into your walls. Blown in insulation solves this problem.

Top Choices of an Insulation Installer

Blown In Insulation

Blown in fiberglass insulation offers protection even in hard-to-reach or irregularly shaped areas. It’s significantly heat resistant and durable, making it perfect for attic insulation in Houston. Air Quality Express blows this insulation in using specialized trucks for fast, friendly service.

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Batt Insulation

Batt insulation is a more traditional choice among insulation installers. It comes pre-cut to fit between standard stud intervals, and it often uses the same durable fiberglass material as blown in insulation. These properties make Batt insulation the perfect choice for attic insulation in Houston.

Are you interested in insulating your attic for more energy efficiency and more comfortable home? Call Quality Air Express today for a fast, professional consultation.

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