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Attic Restoration is essentially the same as Attic Cleaning– Houston homeowners should be fairly familiar with the concept Unwanted rodents and animals tend to gravitate toward attics because they are warm, quiet places where they are rarely bothered. If you live in Houston, you should clean your attic at least once per year.

The attic is a prime location for many compromising elements: contaminated insulation, rodents feces, rotten wood, and much more. So if you haven’t had any luck using other methods to improve your indoor air quality or energy efficiency, consider
taking a look in your attic.

Maintaining the air quality of your attic can save you hundreds, if not thousands, in terms of energy savings, property damages, pest control services, and perhaps even healthcare bills. So to make it easier,

Air Quality Express helps you avoid these additional costs. Whether you need minor insulation work or a significant clean-up, give us a call.

Cleaning & Repairs

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If you have an indication that pests or rodents have been in your attic, contacting us should be a priority. Finding feces, urine odor or small bite-sized holes all suggest not only a pest control problem but also a potential health hazard. Attic Rodent Cleaning can fix all of that!

Air Quality Express provides full-service attic cleaning to return your attic to a sanitary state in Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Additionally, we identify and seal up points of entry for rodents so you won’t experience repeat infestations.

Our cleaning crew will also perform insulation repair/replacement and mold elimination, as needed.

Once we restore your attic, you will notice that your home smells better and probably feels more comfortable as well. You can experience the effects of a clean, well-insulated attic even faster by calling Air Quality Express. Our highly trained team wastes no time on the job.

Contact us today to schedule your initial inspection.

Our Attic Cleaning & Restoration Process

At Air Quality Express, we’re through with each step of the attic cleaning and restoration process. After diagnosing the issue, our restoration process will take the majority of a day – and we provide pictures of our progress at every step of the way.

Step One: Attic Inspection

One of our certified technicians will meticulously comb through your attic and associated air ducts to locate any rodent droppings, mold growth, and gaps in your home sealing. Upon completion, the inspector will schedule an appointment to complete your attic cleaning and restoration.

attic cleaning & restoration
Step Two: Containment

When your cleaning and restoration crew arrives, the first thing we’ll do is create a containment unit from the attic door to the outside of your home.This allows us to seal our work from any environmental influence.

Step Three: Insulation Removal

Existing insulation will be removed from your attic using a high-powered truck-mounted insulation removal vacuum. The containment site is then inspected one last time to remove any remaining contaminated debris.

sanitizing disinfection
Step Four: Disinfectant & Sealing Your Attic Properly

Contaminated drywall is removed, and special chemicals are used to disinfect the frame of your attic depending on the bacterial or fungal infections we have identified in your home. This step requires that the homeowners leave their home for up to four hours.

Once the disinfection is completed, gaps in your attic will be filled with foam sealant; large interior spaces are covered with a wire mesh; and fixtures will be covered to protect wiring.

attic insulation
Step Five: Insulation: Blown-In, Batt, and Foam

Finally, Air Quality Express will replace your insulation with either blown-in or batt insulation.

Most common, blown-in insulation is performed in homes with average ceiling heights and shapes. A truck-mounted machine blows fiberglass insulation in your attic, and upon completion, our team will inspect the attic to ensure every inch has been insulated.

Batt insulation is used in ceilings with unusual heights or diagonal shapes. This insulation is rolled in and hand-installed, requiring the installers to cut each piece to perfectly fit the sides of your attic. The batt insulation installation process is a hands-on approach and requires a much longer time.

Air Quality Express does not perform foam insulation installations, as we believe foam insulation often negatively affects the ventilation of a home’s A/C system and can lead to recurring mold issues.

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Insulation Materials

Each type of insulation can have a different effect on your home. Some materials may be more efficient in certain areas. So our choice of materials is determined in the same manner that we choose our methods: We inspect your attic and determine the most effective, efficient insulation for your attic.

For South Texas residents, we typically recommend options that have excellent heat and moisture resistance. Additionally, all of our options have highly rated fire-resistance, low toxicity, and long-lasting support. Our materials include fiberglass, mineral wool, cellulose, and much more. To inquire about other materials, please contact us.

attic insulation

Installation Methods

attic insulation
We know how important it is to meet all applicable Houston codes. That’s why our insulation meets all the right standards. We may use either blown-in or batt insulation, depending on the property. The dimensions of your attic will likely determine which method we utilize. We distribute blown-in insulation in a unified format using a specialized machine. On the other hand, we roll out and install batt insulation by-hand. In either case, both methods are cost and time-effective, particularly when our experienced team installs it.
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