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Attic Cleaning and Restoration in Houston FAQs

Air Quality Express is a reliable and licensed attic cleaning and restoration in Houston contractor. Below is a list of the most frequently-asked-questions.
What is Attic Cleaning and Restoration?
There is some misconception when it comes to attic cleaning and restoration in Houston. Some people think it refers to simply getting rid of old junk that had been stored in the attic. While that is indeed part of the process, it is by no means the end of it. If left unattended, attics can also harbor rodents, and other small animals. They can also be infested with rodent and small animal droppings and even mold. Here is what you can expect from attic cleaning:
  • Removal of junk and debris
  • Checking the levels of insulation.
  • Removing old or contaminated insulation.
  • Installing new insulation.
  • Identifying, removing and decontaminating a rodent infestation .
  • Rodent and animal-proofing
  • Identifying a leaky or damaged roof
What is Attic Insulation?
What is attic insulation?
A lot of homeowners do not fully appreciate the importance of their attic. The attic does much more than just store excess stuff. It is also a crucial protective barrier for your home from cold, heat and humidity. But in order for your attic to perform this very important function, it must be adequately insulated.
According to the experts, close to 90 % of single-family US homes are under insulated. This is a huge compromise to safety and comfort. It also impacts the efficiency of your HVAC unit thus raising energy costs.
Insulating your attic is a smart move that can help regulate temperatures. A properly insulated attic can also prevent water vapor from seeping in and eroding your walls. Additionally, an attic that is appropriately insulated slows down heat buildup, thus protecting the shingles and plywood on home. More on attic insulation in Houston
How Much Does Attic Cleaning Cost?
This may largely depend on the extent of the junk, debris and contamination. If you haven’t cleaned your attic in a while (or never), you are bound to have considerably more debris and material. This may and will affect your cost.
Costs may also differ from company to company. While good deals do exist out there, we highly recommend you avoid the temptation of going with the cheapest company. This is because more often than not, these are unlicensed vendors whose only interest is making a quick profit.
Air Quality Express is a licensed attic cleaning and restoration in Houston contractor. Call us today to schedule an appointment and a technician will provide you with an accurate assessment.
Why is Attic Cleaning Important?
A dirty attic can pose a number of significant problems for you, your home and  your budget. For starters, an unattended attic can become home to rats and rodents in addition to their droppings. With time, this can lead to very poor indoor air quality which in itself if a health hazard. These small animals can also damage your insulation, pipes, air ducts, and wires necessitatying expensive repairs. 
In places like Houston where the weather is warm and humid, the attic can also present the environment for mold to thrive. This can also result in a decrease in indoor air quality. Mold spores and other irritants that are in the attic and air ducts can get disseminated into the air by the HVAC system. In inhaled, these ks allergic reactions, respiratory symptoms, headaches, and even asthma attacks. 
Finally, the dirt, dust, debris and contaminants in the attic can place a tremendous burden on the HVAC system. This causes it to work harder thus raising your energy costs.
How Long Does Attic Cleaning Take?
We strive to complete all attic cleaning and restoration work within one day. However, this may largely depend on the extent of the junk, debris and contamination and also the size of the attic. If you haven’t cleaned your attic in a while (or never), you are bound to have considerably more debris, pollutants, rodent droppings, contaminants and other material. This may affect how long the entire process takes.

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