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Discovering Houston: Places to Go and Things to See - Air Quality Express Houston's guide

Houston is one of the most populated cities in Texas and represents great appeal in terms of activity, business, and various points of interest. Indeed, no matter how many times one comes to this place or whether he/she is a first-time visitor, who is a resident of this area, there is always something that captures his/her attention. So, in this blog post, We’ll share some of the places that are absolutely worth visiting and some companies that contribute to Houston’s distinctive character and growth.

Museum of Fine Arts Houston, commonly referred to as MFAH.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, is an enormous museum and one of the ten largest in the USA, accrediting a wide range of artworks that reflect more than 6 thousand years of History. There is a magnificent list of the array of displays, including archeological findings as well as modern artwork, temporary exhibitions and galleries, as well as educational classes and programs, and various events that take place within the museum throughout the year, making it a popular cultural destination for citizens and tourists in the city.

Visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: MFAH Website.

MFAH Stands for Museum of Fine Arts Houston and is considered one of the largest museums in the United States of America.

Houston Methodist Hospital

With its excellent healthcare services, medical tourism, and medical research, Houston Methodist Hospital is one of the most prestigious hospitals located in the Texas Medical Center. It also features an approach in patient care and treatment called patient centered care, specialized treatments and equipment for managing health complications. It is a symbol of local and regional healthcare for the people of Houston and other such places.

Learn more about Houston Methodist Hospital: Methods of data collection Used on Houston Methodist Website

Space Center Houston

Houston offers several places of interest to tourists, and such an important place to visit is Space Center Houston, the official visitor center of NASA Johnson Space Center. This is a particularly popular tourist attraction whereby visitors get a true feel of navigating the space. It will open to guests exploring the workplace of astronauts, seeing spacecraft, participating in poses for photographers, and interacting with any views of history and prospects of space travel.

Plan your visit to Space Center Houston: The analyses of the websites of Space Center Houston.

Easy Garage Door Repair

To provide a brief about Easy Garage Door Repair is that it is the ideal company for those who are in Houston and requires garage door services. It offers garage door repair, maintenance, and installation of various garage doors, including sectionals and sectional garage doors.

Easy Garage Door Repair is highly reputable for providing the leading repair services in New York City through skilled technicians, affordable charges, and hassle-free service delivery.

Contact Easy Garage Door Repair: Easy Garage Door Repair Website that specializes in garage door repair to homeowners, commercial clients and businesses in and around the region.

Learn more about them on their Website

Discovery Green

This exquisite green space is situated in Houston’s central business district as it is referred to as the Discovery Green. Beautiful lawns, sculptures and fountains, games and fun in form of swings, see saws and other structures are the outstanding amenities at the park. Just conversely, it is an ideal place for tourists to have their picnics, practice yoga, or just take a walk around. Apart from featuring art installations and picturesque landscapes, Discovery Green is also teeming with various events such as concerts, markets, and even family celebrations.

Discovery Green, is a park for those with different interests.

Company Information
1500 McKinney St, Houston, TX 77010
(713) 400-7336

CPR Center of Houston

One fascinating organization in Houston is the CPR Center of Houston devoted to teaching individuals CPR & BLS Certifications in Houston,  and other forms of first aid. Certified instructors of nutrition co-ordinate courses for the general public, the health sector, and business entities. In this regard, the CPR Center of Houston can be viewed as the crucial community asset, which prepares people with the essential critical skills, necessary for ensuring community safety and preparedness in emergencies.

Learn more about CPR Center of Houston:

Company Information:
Address: 2656 S Loop W Suite 205, Houston, TX 77054
Number: (832)930-7600

The Galleria

Being one of the largest and famous shopping malls in Houston, The Galleria welcomes millions of guests every year. This is a huge mall with more than four hundred stores that are stocked with products from different designers to suit every person’s taste and style, the high end designer brands to the casual, rebellious fashion. It does not matter if you want to shop, eat or simply have a good time, The Galleria is the perfect place for you.

Together with shopping outlets, The Galleria also has several restaurants, from fast food chains to high-end dining places. Film lovers can watch the latest movies in the theatres within the mall, and there are theatres for both adults and children.


Houston's always evolving

Houston is always changing and we’ll make sure to keep up and keep this page updated for you