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Houston TX Air Ducts – The Necessity of Regular Cleaning and Maintenance


You have schedules for filter replacement and for lubrication, and you immediately call technicians to your home for repair services, but you don’t have regular maintenance for your air ducts? That’s


Just like any part of your ventilation and air conditioning system, the ducts need to be checked on a regular basis, because:

  • Over time, they collect dust and debris.
  • Moisture may form inside the ducts.

Dust, Debris, and Mold Growth In Houston?


One of the things you should habitually check is the duct board.

If your air conditioning system has an internally insulated ductwork, then that ductwork must be a foil-coated fiberglass board, which, if true in 

your case, your ductwork can certainly trap debris and dust.

Additionally, if your system isn’t that good in dehumidifying air, moisture can easily form in the ducts, leading to mold growth.

If you have any suspicion that the inside of your ductwork is contaminated, it will cause health concerns in the long run.

Health issues associated with unclean air ducts include:

  • Asthma attacks
  • Allergic reactions
  • Inflammation of nasal passages
  • Eye and throat irritation
  • Chemical poisoning

For quick assessment of your air ducts, call Air Quality Express, a leading service in the area of Houston that also provides premium HVAC 

services to surrounding areas.


Air Duct Cleaning In Houston : Its Definition


A local ductwork and ventilation company like Air Quality Express focuses on affordable home and business air duct service. Comprehensive cleaning of your house or business´s air heating and cooling system through home service is what duct cleaning is all

about. They normally concentrate on diffusers, grilles, registers, supply and return air ducts, heating and cooling coils, heat exchangers, drip pans, fan housing and motors, and the air handling housing unit.

If these elements are not cleaned, maintained and installed regularly, different pollen, dust and other debris may contaminate it. In Houston, Texas, mold is one of their major problem since the high humidness of the area is conducive for mold growth. The mold

spores can travel from these elements in to your home’s air if you do not have them removed. Allergic reactions as well as respiratory issues are a few of the health conditions which may take place because of this contaminants.

Try to visit Air Express in Houston, Texas, if you wish to have your ducts cleaned. We will manage all of the cleaning of your duct´s components. We are licensed and definitely qualified for such job. This is a critical point simply because if a company fails to clean

all the different elements, your commercial or residential air can get re-contaminated.

Our employees at Air Quality Express in Houston, TX USA may also recommend adding a chemical biocide to your air ducts. This works to get rid of any mold or microbial pollutants that may be present. But, it’s crucial to note that cleaning of the components

should be done just before the application of these agents.


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