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Air Duct Cleaning in Spring Texas

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Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning in Spring


Air duct cleaning is considered as an essential step in maintaining an HVAC system. There is a good reason why heating and cooling manufacturers recommend periodic cleaning of ducts. Here are some of the benefits of getting the right air duct cleaning in Spring, TX.

  1.  Keeps air quality high – Enhancing air quality is one of the biggest benefits of periodic air cleaning. With the right cleaning methods, not only can you flush out dust and other fine particles that may be carried in air ducts, but it will also help in removing bad odors.
  2.  Improves energy efficiency – Cleaning of air ducts can also help in keeping your electric bills under control. When air ducts are kept clean, the resistance in air flow is significantly reduced, making your HVAC work less in circulating air in your house. It also helps in reaching the desired thermostat temperature faster.
  3.  Prevents airborne health problems – There are some health issues that can be aggravated by unclean air ducts. Asthmatics can have their symptoms triggered by the presence of unusually high levels of dust and pollen. Also, bacteria and molds can be carried through the ducts, which can then cause respiratory tract infections. By cleaning air ducts, you can prevent these potential health issues.
  4.  Makes your HVAC last longer – Enhancing HVAC durability is one of the best long-term benefits of having your air ducts periodically cleaned. Having clean ducts lessens the strain on your HVAC, which can then drastically increase its durability.

In Spring Tx, Air Quality Express is a name you can trust when it comes to home air duct cleaning services. With a strong reputation across the state of Texas, we provide the level of service that you and your family deserve.


Air Duct Cleaning: Its Definition


A local ductwork and ventilation company like Air Quality Express specializes in inexpensive home and business air duct service. Comprehensive cleaning of your house or business´s air cooling and heating system through home service is what duct cleaning is all

about. They commonly focus on diffusers, grilles, registers, supply and return air ducts, cooling and heating coils, heat exchangers, drip pans, fan housing and motors, and also the air handling housing unit.

These various elements can get contaminated with various pollen, dust, or other debris if you don’t have them installed, maintained, and cleaned properly. In Houston, Texas, mold is one of their main problem since the high humidness of the area is conducive for

mold growth. Mold could invade these components that will serve as their gateway towards the air in your room, so better eliminate and clean. These common contaminant agents can cause respiratory difficulties or perhaps allergy symptoms.

Try to pay a visit to Air Express in Houston, Texas, if you wish to have your ducts cleaned. We will deal with all the cleaning of your duct´s components. We are also fully certified and capable to do so. This is a critical point because if a company fails to clean all of

the numerous components, your commercial or residential air can get re-contaminated.

Our team of experts at Air Quality Express in Houston could also recommend the usage of biocide in cleaning your air ducts. This works to kill any mold or microbial pollutants that may be present. Nonetheless, everything should receive a thorough cleaning before

these agents are applied to the area.

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