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Why Air Duct Cleaning in Pasadena Texas Is Necessary


There are people who ask: Should I clean air ducts? The answer is: Yes — although not as frequently as you would hire maintenance services for your HVAC equipment.

Call a professional duct cleaning service in the event that:

  • You’re counting 5 years since you last saw and have the inside of your ducts cleaned. Some say 20 years, others go for 4 – 7 years for the next cleaning.
  • You see mold formation on the metal. Call a pro to send a sample of the mold to a laboratory. That will determine how dangerous the type of mold is to your health.
  • You see significant blockage in the conduits or you can see visible particles leaving the vents. If there’s just little dust that has collected, there might be no need to hire a service company.
  • You see the conduits harboring rodents, bees or wasps. Molds and also carcasses or feces from insect/pest infestation can cause respiratory troubles to the members of your family.

Respiratory issues that result from infested air ducts include:

    • Asthma attacks
    • Nasal congestion
    • Eye and throat irritation

Skin irritation might also ensue, especially during humid weather.


Hire Air Quality Express For Your Aid Duct Cleaning Needs in Pasadena


For questions, you can go to a company that everybody trusts, like Air Quality Express, an HVAC company that has been around for years serving communities and businesses in Pasadena.

They will quickly assess the present condition of your air conduits, and won’t press to continue with the cleaning service and make you pay unnecessarily if the situation does not really call for cleaning at the moment.

Honesty is one strong points of their business, so you can be sure that you will be treated well. Call them for any emergency HVAC issues.


Defining Air Duct Cleaning in Pasadena Texas


Air Quality Express is a local duct work company that is known for offering ש business and home air duct service which is within the budget. Duct cleaning usually refers to a cleaning service coming to your house & business and giving your forced air system cooling

and heating components a comprehensive cleaning. Heat exchangers, drip pans, fan housing and motors, and the air handling housing unit diffusers, grilles, registers, supply and return air ducts as well as the cooling and heating coils are their main focus.

If these components aren’t cleaned, maintained and installed on a regular basis, various pollen, dust and other debris might contaminate it. Areas with high humidity levels like Houston, Texas can also have problems with mold growth. The mold spores could travel

from these components into your home’s air if you don’t have them eliminated. These common contaminant agents may cause respiratory difficulties or perhaps allergic reactions.

If you make the decision to have your ducts cleaned, check your local firms like Air Quality Express in Houston, TX. We’ll clean every element and part of your ductwork. We’re also fully certified and qualified to do so. The air in your commercial or residential area

could get contaminated if the service company fails to clean every single factor of the ducts.

Our team of experts at Air Quality Express in Houston, TX USA might also propose the usage of biocide in cleaning your air ducts. This works to eliminate any mold or microbial pollutants that may be present. However, it is important to note that cleaning of the

components must be done prior to the application of these agents.


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