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The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning Humble TX – Health Risks


If you have the least suspicion that it is your air ducts that might be causing bad indoor air quality in your home, don’t delay taking action. Have your air ducts cleaned. Your family’s health is at stake.

Call Experienced HVAC Technicians

Call the experts.

We particularly recommend Air Quality Express for businesses and homeowners in the Humble area, as well as areas like Pasadena and Houston in the state of Texas. 

They will quickly assess the situation to know whether or not you’re endangering the lives of the members of your family due to clogged filters or due to air ducts harboring harmful chemicals, bacteria or molds.

Health first

You need to always think about the health risks that go along with unclean air ducts, which is more important than the problem of not having efficient air circulation.  

Here’s what to check:

  • Mold – Molds develop in air ducts over time, and have spores that can be carried by air. If inhaled, these pores can cause allergic reactions, eye irritation, and congestion of sinuses.
  • Rodents and insects –If mice take refuge in these ducts, their feces, urine and rotten foods might be circulating with the air emitted by your HVAC.

What to Expect from the Cleaning Service

Professional duct cleaning services, like the ones offered by Air Quality Express, involve the use of blowers, brushes and vacuums in cleaning air ducts inside the house. The service also includes cleaning of the HVAC’s registers, motors, housings and coils.

Is Air Duct Cleaning Worth It?

If you put premium on the health and safety of your family, the answer is a huge YES.

Do your normal day to day house cleaning to optimize safety, but keep in mind as well the dangers that might be lurking in the air ducts.

Air Duct Cleaning on a Budget


Air Quality Express is a local duct work company which is known for offering a business and home air duct service which is within the budget. Thorough cleaning of your home or business´s air cooling and heating system through home service is what duct cleaning

is about. Heat exchangers, drip pans, fan housing and motors, and the air handling housing unit diffusers, grilles, registers, supply and return air ducts, as well as the heating and cooling coils, are their main focus.

These numerous elements could get contaminated with many pollen, dust, or other debris if you don’t have them installed, maintained, and cleaned properly. In Houston, Texas, the mold is one of their main problems since the high humidness of the area is

conducive for mold growth. Mold can invade these elements that will serve as their gateway towards the air in your room, so better remove and clean. Allergic reactions, as well as respiratory issues, are a few of the health issues which may take place due to this


If one makes the choice to have your ducts cleaned, check your local companies like Air Quality Express in Humble, TX. We’ll handle all of the cleaning of your duct´s components. We’re licensed and certainly qualified for such job. This is a critical point because if a

company fails to clean all the numerous components, your residential or commercial air can get re-contaminated.

Our employees may also propose adding a chemical biocide to your air ducts. Microbes and also molds will surely be wiped out through this. On the other hand, everything must get a thorough cleaning just before these agents are applied to the area.

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