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Should your home air ducts be cleaned? And how often?

This post does not force anyone to get their air ducts cleaned right away, but rather implores people to perform regular checks on their HVAC conduits.

Risk and Advantages to Unclean Air in Friendswood


There are serious health implications involved with uncleaned conduits, and for families who are looking into cutting down electric bills, air duct cleaning can surely help.

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Are Friendswood Residence Willing To Take Health Risks?


There are health risks involved with air ducts that have not been cleaned for years, and below are the things that may be found in your ducts and the health issues that may ensue due to their presence there.

  • Dust and Dust Mites
  • Pet Dander
  • Pollen
  • Mildew and Mold Spores
  • Rodents and Insects
  • Viruses and Bacteria
  • Tobacco Smoke By-products
  • Chemical Pollutants

These harmful animals and elements can cause the following health issues:

  • Cold symptoms, including coughing, congested or sunny nose, sore throat and sneezing.
  • Wheezing, difficulty in breathing, and asthma
  • Fever and headache

In addition to the respiratory issues, lethargy can also be experienced. For people with sensitive skin, watch out for the possibility of developing hives, rashes or even eczema.


Air Quality Express  – What We Do

Air Quality Express is a local duct work company which is actually for providing a business and home air duct service that is within the budget. Comprehensive cleaning of your home or business´s air heating and cooling system through home service is what duct

cleaning is all about. They commonly focus on diffusers, grilles, registers, supply and return air ducts, heating and cooling coils, heat exchangers, drip pans, fan housing and motors, and the air handling housing unit.

If these elements are not cleaned, maintained and installed frequently, different pollen, dust and other debris may contaminate it. In Houston, Texas, mold is one of their major problem since the high humidity of the area is conducive for mold growth. The mold

spores could travel from these factors in to your home’s air if you do not have them removed. These common contaminant agents may cause respiratory difficulties or allergic reactions.

Our staff at Air Quality Express in Houston could also propose adding a chemical biocide to your air ducts. This works to kill any mold or microbial pollutants that may be present. However, it’s essential to note that cleaning of the components must be done just

before the application of these agents.

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