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5 Signs You Need an Air Duct Cleaning Service

Every homeowner should know these five signs that it’s time to schedule an air duct cleaning service. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your last cleaning, you probably already noticed one or more of these signs. Here’s what you need to know.

1. A/C isn’t running like it used to

When ducts go without cleaning for extended periods, it can cause many problems with your HVAC system. If your system’s fan and motors are exposed to dust, debris, and mold, it can cause your system to make noise or produce hot and cold spots throughout your home.

You might also find that you don’t have full control over your home’s temperature, never getting it exactly where you want it to be for comfort. Keeping your ducts clean will ensure your A/C system is always running like new.

2. You experience allergies or notice a stubborn odor

Various things like smoke, frequent cooking, living with pets, and mold can all contribute to an unpleasant odor in your air ducts. Houston air duct cleaning is crucial because ducts are frequently exposed to high heat and humidity.

Dirty air ducts are also notorious for causing allergies and, in some cases, severe health problems. For people who are sensitive to environmental allergens, it can wreak havoc on your home life.

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3. Energy bills are higher than usual

Debris and potential blockages within your system can strain your HVAC system, making it work harder than it needs to. Cleaning your ducts can make a big difference to your monthly energy bills.

If you keep your HVAC system running throughout the day, which is common here in Houston, then your ducts are constantly being exposed to dust and debris outside and inside of your home. 

4. Dust quickly builds throughout your home

You may have noticed frequent dust build-up on your TV, blinds, and table surfaces. This is a subtle but sure sign that you need to have a residential duct cleaning service.

Dust and debris inside your ducts are distributed throughout your home every time you run your system. By cleaning your ducts regularly, you can avoid dust build-ups and keep your home clean.

5. Dirty filters, coils, or internal parts

Another clear sign you need to have your ducts cleaned is when you can easily detect dust or mold on your HVAC system’s internal components. This is often accompanied by a frequent need to replace your disposable filters.

When dust reaches your internal components, it can be bad news for your system. It means your HVAC system will wear out faster, need frequent repairs, and leave you with some expensive bills.

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Houston air duct cleaning with Air Quality Express

Air Quality Express has been helping Houston families keep their ducts dust and mold free for over ten years. If you notice any of these signs throughout your home, don’t wait. Schedule your air duct cleaning service online.

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