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Choosing an experienced commercial & residential contractor for cleaning & restoration services can be a challenge. The first step is ensuring they are properly certified company with extensive experience and have correct and update insurances . Air Quality Express proudly displays our certifications and customer testimonials so you can see for yourself. 

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Air Quality Express takes pride in being able to offer same-day appointments for air duct cleaning Houston and other restoration services. If you need immediate inspection or remediation cleaning services simply schedule an appointment today by calling (832) 781-0105 or completing the contact form. We are happy to work around your schedule.

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With over 10 years of experience and excellent service in the cleaning and restoration business, Air Quality Express is focused on 100% customer satisfaction and doing the job right the first time. By ensuring our customers are fully satisfied we can improve the quality of our community.

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Air Duct Cleaning Houston Services. Improve Your Indoor Air and Health with Air Quality Express Today

Health experts have drawn a direct link between indoor air quality and personal health. Consequently, cleaning your air ducts can have direct health benefits. But you need a licensed and insured vendor. It’s time to choose this highly effective and affordable solution to:

  • Ensuring all your air ducts are cleaned, maintenance or replaced to meet strict quality standards. We also hire only certified service technicians.

  • Removing spores, microbes, mold, dust, dirt, and debris that can build up over time in your air ducts and HVAC units.

  • Helping your Air Conditioning Units preform more efficiently which will help to reduce monthly energy costs plus helping to improve the environment.

  • Improving the Indoor Air Quality of your home so that family members and relatives can breath and feel better

Whether you’re seeking home restoration services, regular cleaning, deep cleaning, or mold remediation for your home or office building, you need a licensed, dependable, trustworthy professional service, like the air duct cleaning experts at Air Quality Express. Here is some important information on how to avoid getting scammed when hiring an air duct cleaning contractor.

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  • Mold
  • Air Duct Cleaning Houston
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attic cleaning houston

Attic Restoration

Houston Attic Restoration, Insulation Installation, and More

Maintaining the air quality of your attic can save you hundreds, if not thousands, in terms of energy savings, property damages, pest control services, and perhaps even healthcare bills. Whether you need minor insulation work or a significant pest remediation in your attic, give us a call at (832) 781-0105.

mold inspection

Mold Inspection & Remediation

Houston Mold Testing, Clean-Up, & Damage Repair

Among the contaminants that may be present in your home or building, mold can potentially be the most disruptive. Unchecked mold growth can lead to ugly mold stains and odors, respiratory issues, and even structural damage.
Looking for Professional Mold Remediation? If you have reason to believe that your property might have mold growth, call Air Quality Express at (832) 781-0105 and schedule a mold inspection or remediation.

Looking for Professional Mold Remediation? Whenever you have reason to believe that your property requires mold removal, inspection or water damage restoration, call or email Air Quality Express.

air duct cleaning

HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning

Houston HVAC & Air Duct Cleaning Services

Even the cleanest HVAC system needs a deep clean every 2-3 years – and do you really want to bank your respiratory health on something you can’t see?

With 10 years of experience, Air Quality Express conducts thorough HVAC, air duct, and dryer vent cleaning services for commercial or residential properties. Call us at (832) 781-0105 and schedule an appointment today.

Air Quality Express provides professional air duct cleaning services for commercial buildings and residential homes 

water damage restoration

Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Water and fire damage in Houston, TX

No matter how clean and sanitary you keep your home, environmental incidents can’t always be prepared for. If the worst happens and you suffer fire, water, or storm damage, call Air Quality Express at (832) 781-0105 and schedule a commercial or residential restoration appointment today. Our efficient technicians will restore your home or office to normalcy as soon as possible.

We are available 24/7 to take emergency appointments in Houston, TX

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Here at Air Quality Express, we provide our clients with high-quality air system services. With over 10 years of experience, we are confident in our ability to keep your home clean and help you avoid regular allergic reactions triggered by poor air quality. As a family-owned and operated business, we know how important it is to have a healthy living atmosphere. We don’t utilize any harmful substances. Our organic solutions leave your home fresh and protected

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Restore your air quality and take a breath of fresh air with Air Quality Express.

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Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee
Read More
My uncle had his house for over 15 years and never had professionals clean his air duct. My cousin and I had been telling him how crucial it is to have it inspected and cleaned however he always ignored it. Until he recently started feeling the air was getting heavier to breathe and our aunt started a real bad allergy, especially when she came home. Anyway, Air Quality Express was recommended to us by a great friend who had a lot of good things to say about them. Oh man, you have no idea the things they pulled out of his air duct. I am not gonna gross anyone out here, and so won’t go in detail. All I can say is that now 3 weeks into the cleaned Air duct process by Air Quality Express my aunt's allergy is pretty much completely gone and the air in the house is completely fresh and easy to breathe. Thank goodness we had them do this amazing cleaning job. Thank you, Judah and your amazing crew!
Justine Marie
Justine Marie
Read More
Very professional, and the process was well explained both by Judah the agent as well as the installers who came to our home. We did insulation for a 60 year old home. Took about 4-6 hrs. Significant change noticed in our indoor ambient temperature, stays at about 70-71°F whether it is 80 degrees outside or 58 degrees outside. More cost effective for us than purchasing solar since we are a small household. Cracks were well sealed,used to smell kitchen smells in my bedroom which was so annoying since we have an industrial type hood, but not anymore. Smells were seeping through recessed light crevices. Overall, highly recommended
Emin Saglamer
Emin Saglamer
Read More
I found this service through yelp. They were quickest to respond and were able to come out to look at my apt earlier than others. The technician that showed up to Inspect I believe was Judah the business owner. He was very thorough and walked me through what could be cleaned and how. The pricing was easy to understand and I thought was reasonable. The crew was able to show up the next day to do the work and finished quickly within a couple of hours. David was the lead of the work day crew. He had one assist with him. They completed the cleanup and the proof was when I entered the apartment and no longer smelled heavy cooking grease smell. I think they did a fantastic job. Left the apartment very clean, and smelling a ton better than before. Thanks for being a life saver guys!
Mike Strange
Mike Strange
Read More
Guys showed up on time and did an exceptional job. Made suggestions on sealing the system so it all works better. Really appreciated the before and after pictures taken so I could see progress from beginning to end. Also really appreciated the cleanup after work was completed.

Latest news

How Much Does A Houston Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

One of the essential steps in ensuring that your heating/cooling system is always in top shape is to make sure that air ducts are always clean. One of the most common questions that we get is with regards to the price of having ducts cleaned professionally.

There are multiple factors that dictate the price of the overall job, but you’ll be relieved to find out that it’s not as expensive as you might initially think. How much does it cost to have air ducts cleaned? All that and more will be answered right here.

The cost of air duct cleaning depends on multiple factors. Unlike our competition, we always conduct an inspection before providing a quote. Others may not have the right air duct cleaning equipment. This is either by pointing out ductwork problems that don’t exist or providing substandard cleaning services that don’t really resolve anything.

The overall price of cleaning the ductwork of your house is determined on a case-to-case basis. It is considered standard procedure for cleaners to inspect your property for them to come up with a quote. Once a full inspection is done, a quote is then given. The quote includes details such as the price of the project, the procedures needed to be done, and the length of time required to complete the job.

Factors affecting the price of a Houston Air Duct Cleaning

  1. Number of ducts – Generally speaking, the more ducts present in a house, the higher the cost of cleaning them. This is because a true ductwork cleaning service will see to it that every single duct is thoroughly cleaned. 
  1. Size of the house – The size of the house can increase the cost of cleaning up the ducts. This is because generally speaking, the larger the area of the house, the more expansive the ductwork would be. Also, cleaning ducts of houses with multiple floors will be more expensive, as they are generally more difficult to access.
  1. Level of contamination in the ducts – Expect to pay more for cleaning services if your ducts are extremely dirty. Years of misuse and lack of maintenance can cause heavy buildup of dust and dirt, which will take more time and effort to remove. Things can get even more expensive if there’s mold growth or animal/insect infestation present.
  1. Number of hours of manpower needed – Cleaning of ducts is usually done on a per-hour basis. The rates can vary, depending on the company that is offering the services. The more hours, people, and equipment used to complete the cleaning job, the higher the overall price of the project.

Having your air ducts cleaned need not cost you a fortune. If you are looking for a reputable duct cleaning service in Texas that will not break your budget in half, you can have it here at Air Quality Express. We take pride in providing high-quality Houston air duct cleaning services at the best possible price.

Call us now at (832) 781-0105. Our offices are open daily; you can book an appointment with us for a complete quote and inspection of your home. At Air Quality Express, we make sure that the quality of air in your home is always at its best.

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